Instagram Hoaxes That Actually Spread

Instagram Hoaxes That Actually Spread
January 28, 2016 admin
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Internet is a great tool for getting information on basically any topic. But we can just believe anything that we read, see or hear. This includes Instagram as well. There have been many fake accounts, posts, events and so on that were actually fake but that people really fell for. And it could’ve all been avoided if people would just look it up!

instagram oprah Oprah Winfrey.

Remember how many years ago you would get lots of chain mails on your old account about a person who died and who would haunt you if you didn’t forward that email to 20 other friends? Well, what if we told you people fall for “chain mail” on Instagram too? Maybe it’s not as obvious as those old emails, but we think it’s still pretty obvious it’s fake. A really big one lots of people fell for was back in 2013, where people would reblog an image that said that Instagram was going to delete random inactive accounts that didn’t reblog that. And, of course, people started reblogging like crazy. Of course, if Instagram were to actually do that they would inform us on their website, not through a reposting game.

Another hoax that spread like crazy was regarding a scholarship Oprah Winfrey was technically going to give out via Instagram. The account was not her official account, but technically it was like a secondary Oprah account managed by her. And it claimed that the first fifty thousand followers would get a scholarship. Once the account hit that number, it disappeared. Of course Oprah was interviewed later on and claimed she had nothing to do with the account. So basically lots of people believed it, but wouldn’t it be easier to 1. contact Oprah, 2. make a quick Google search about it or 3. think for a while and decide that maybe it’s not very normal for someone like Oprah to just give out millions of dollars.