Instagram Now Worth $37 Billion

Instagram Now Worth $37 Billion
March 16, 2015 admin
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According to Justin Post and Joyce Tran, analysts at Bank of America have estimated that Instagram is now a business worth a staggering $37 billion. The last time we heard a price on Instagram’s head was back in 2012 when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg purchased it for $1 billion.In the last year alone, 120 million new people have signed up for the photo sharing platform, and it is now the biggest social media site apart from Facebook and Chinese sites.


Post and Tran have also said they estimate a potential revenue opportunity of $4 billion, for a positive note aimed at Instagram’s clients. The estimates were based on user counts and revenue comparisons of Facebook and Twitter. Instagram launched an advertising feature in late 2013 to a select few brands, and in 2014 launched advertising for UK, Canadian and Australian brands. New advertising features keep coming into play which will continue to increase the potential annual revenue for the social media giant.

Instagram is currently home to 300 million active monthly users, up from an astonishing 27 million back when Facebook purchased it in 2012. Interestingly, Instagram users are also 1.8 times more active than twitter users.

Post and Tran have noted that there is a lot of potential to monetize, or earn money from Instagram, and the reason being because Instagram users are primarily a lot younger than the other social networks, and this is a user group that advertisers are very keen on reaching.

More than 70 million photos are shared per day while each users spends on average at least 20 minutes every single day on the Instagram platform, making it the most active platform of them all.

Facebook’s Age stats show that 87% of their user base are aged between 18 and 29, while a much larger portion of Instagram users are in their teenage years. In 2014, the population of US teens that used Facebook fell from 94% to 88%. These teens and many others since left Facebook in favor of other social sites, mainly Instagram.