18 Interesting Facts About Instagram

18 Interesting Facts About Instagram
March 17, 2015 admin

18 Interesting Facts About Instagram

Instagram is a wonderful place, and to celebrate we have compiled a list below of 18 truly interesting facts.

• As of December 2014, there are 300 million active users.

• There are more than 75 million users who use it every single day.

• 13% of all Internet users in the world have an Instagram account

• 9% of teenagers have claimed they have been bullied on Instagram at one point or another.

• 20% of American woman are active users and 15% of American men are active users.

• 30% of American teenagers would consider Instagram to be the most important social media site.

• 41% of users are aged between 16 and 24 years old.

• 51% of users are male, and 49% are female.

• 60.3 million US citizens are currently members of this application for mobile.

• App was originally launched as an iPhone app only. It was launched in October, 2010. Within 3 months it had already accumulated one million members.

• When the app was scheduled for launch in 2013. There were 450,000 pre registrations. And then more than one million downloads in less than 12 hours when Instagram first launched.

• In April of 2012 Facebook purchased IG off of the original owners for 1 billion dollars.

• There are a staggering 70 million photos uploaded to Instagram every single day.

• In June, 2013, first launched their video sharing feature. And within the first 24 hours alone, more than 5 million videos were uploaded.

• The 3 countries who use Instagram the most are: The United States, Brazil, and Japan.

• New York City is the location with the most geotagged posts on App, and Times Square is the most geotagged place within New York.

• 70% of all Instagram users check their news feed at least once a day then 35% of users check it multiple times per day.

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