Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Take a Walk on the Wild Side
September 28, 2015 admin
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We expect most people, especially those with lots of money, to live in the big city. Any big city, really. But not everyone enjoys being surrounded by the constant noise of traffic, people, etc. Zach Klein, founder of Vimeo, is one of those people. Thanks to Vimeo he made his life’s fortune. But he’s not a fan of that “rich life” most people love.

instagram cabin porn A picture uploaded to Cabin Porn’s Instagram.

A few years ago he decided to invest most of all the money he had in a piece of land in Sullivan County, New York. He then decided to build cabins around the whole area. But not just that. He offered people the chance to learn how to build a cabin like the ones he uploads on his Instagram account for just $500 a month! However, if you just want to stay in one of the already-built cabins you just have to pay $150 a month. And if you want to camp, it’s even cheaper!

We honestly think he made an incredible business here. Plus, thanks to his Instagram account he managed to attract all those outdoor lovers. If you’ve got the money to try this out, it’s definitel a great opportunity, whether it’s to go and learn how to build a cabin or just stay in one of the cabins. It’s got to be a totally unique experience.