Azealia Banks Is At It Once Again

Azealia Banks Is At It Once Again
September 29, 2015 admin
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Azealia Banks, for those of you who may not know her, is a famous rapper, singer and composer from the United States. But she’s not only known for her music… she’s also known for getting into trouble over and over. Sometimes it’s a real life “fight”, other times she takes to the Internet. Most of her famous fights have been through Twitter with other stars, but the most recent one is on Instagram.

azealia banks instagram Picture taken from Azealia’s official Instagram account.

Apparently, not too long ago, she called a flight attendant “faggot” while she was getting off the plane. Now, we’re not exactly too sure about what happened and we don’t know if her version is the correct one, but what we do know is that that’s not something you can just blurt out at someone.

Because of this, one of her followers commented on a recent picture she uploaded to her Instagram account and said something regarding that situation on the flight. Not in an attacking way, of course. However, we all know how this young woman reacts to these kind of comments, even if they’re not meant to attack her. She answered with several comments, all full of homophobic hate. We’re not sure if she’s homophobic, although it would be quite confusing bearing ni mind she has claimed to be bisexual. Either way, creating this kind of commotion when you’re a celebrity with so many followers and people you influence is definitely not a good idea… Protection Status for