When to Post on Instagram

When to Post on Instagram
September 25, 2015 admin
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Knowing how to post on Instagram and what to post is quite important. You have to upload quality content if you want to attract people to your blog. But another important pillar to a great Instagram is something that not too many people pay attention to: the time which you upload your things.


Picture taken from Insta4Likes’ official Instagram account.

Of course there will be people active on Instagram at any time of the day, especially bearing in mind that there are different time zones. But there is one thing that all time zones have in common: people usually check Instagram the most during specific times of the day. This has all been studied recently by Mavrick in order to figure out when we should post our Instagram content in order to get more views and activity.

Apparently between 6am and 12pm, there are a lot of people looking at Instagram. But mostly it’s just to check friends’ profiles and such. Therefore, it’s really good to post at this time because you’ll have people looking at Instagram and people don’t usually upload things at this time, so you won’t have any competition. The attention would go to you.

He also discoevered that throwback Thursday aka #TBT is the most popular hashtag, so you can use it once in a while too, especially at those hours. You can check out more information by clicking here.

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