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  • The benefits of paying for Instagram followers



    The benefits of paying for Instagram followers. If you are interested in using social media to boost your brand’s profile and enhance its recognition on a global level then Instagram is the one to choose for this purpose. It is the ideal medium for companies who are looking to increase the reach of their marketing endeavors in the technology age. The service itself is free of charge so the only money it costs is that which you invest in developing promotional material to upload to it. The number of Instagram users is somewhere around a billion and most of these Instagram users are active on a daily basis while a substantial minority will log in several times a day to keep up-to-date with the latest goings-on. The next important advantage of using Instagram is that a large percentage of its users are under the age of 35. This means that by using Instagram you can promote your product to an audience where the majority of its users, somewhere around 69% or just under 700 million of them, fall into one of the best target demographics in marketing terms. The opportunities offered by Instagram for companies to reach a much wider audience cannot be ignored, so it is worth your time thinking about how you can use it.

    Why are followers important?

    When using Instagram, it is important to engage with its users. This is achieved by uploading content for users to see and interact with in the form of views, likes and comments. Instagram takes these interactions into consideration when they decide how visible your content should be and how much it should be pushed so that other users outside your immediate circle will get to have a look at it. These kinds of interactions happen generically. But it is much easier to get these interactions on a regular basis if you build up a base of loyal followers.

    Followers are Instagram users who like what you do and decide to follow you. So whenever you post new content on your Instagram account. They will have it appear in their feed, and they will be more likely to see it. This leads to a more guaranteed possibility of them seeing your content on a regular basis and interacting with it. The likelihood is that if they are interested in your content, which they should be, given that they are your followers, then they are more likely to give your posts likes or add comments. This interaction increases your popularity and, in turn, leads to more exposure for your profile and its content. If you are using Instagram for your business. Then this extra exposure means extra exposure for the products and services you want to put out there.

    Why should you consider paying for Instagram followers?

    The easiest way that you are going to get the interaction and engagement statistics that are needed to raise your profile on Instagram is to have followers who regularly interact with your content. However, getting these naturally is something that takes time. If you feel like you need a boost in terms of engagement then there is always the possibility of dealing with websites that will let you buy real Instagram followers. These websites offer the services of real Instagram users. And when you pay for them. They become your Instagram followers and interact with your profile and content in a way that real Instagram users do: by liking your latest posts, viewing your latest stories and adding comments to your content. These are the interactions that Instagram values most, and they are needed to get your profile onto the bigger stage.

    What do paid for Instagram followers offer you?

    When you pay for real Instagram followers. You will receive the interaction needed to boost your popularity and get the attention of Instagram which, in turn, will lead to your profile being more visible to other users. Or appearing higher up the list of results when people search for hashtags that you have used in your content. Through liking you content and commenting on it, this increased engagement means that it is certainly worth the financial outlay.

    Buyer beware

    With so many websites out there offering the opportunity to buy Instagram followers, it is important to be aware of just exactly where you are getting them from. Unfortunately, there are some sites who are less than honest and will give you the chance to buy Instagram followers. These followers then turn out to be bots and the profiles they have and the comments they add to your content are indicative that they are not real people but merely automated responses. Make sure that if you do buy Instagram followers that you are getting them from websites where you can be sure that the followers you are paying for are real ones. That will make a real contribution to your Instagram account and will help your profile grow naturally.

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    Increasing Instagram followers in 2021 – Buy 20 Instagram followers and other strategies


    With more than 1 billion monthly users, several creative accounts, a smart algorithm, Instagram followers are the best place where you can grow your business and get more followers. However, it is also a competitive space where you need to get equipped with smart strategies to increase your followers. Every brand wants its business to stand out and gain increased followers. It’s 2021. Hence, it would help if you worked smart, along with working harder.

    Getting more Instagram followers in 2021

    Expanding your Instagram account might not be as simple as it was before. However, here are a few tips and tricks that you can use in 2021.

    1. Buy Instagram followers

    Do you need to increase your Instagram followers on an urgent basis? If yes, then it is a good idea to buy Instagram followers. Today, you will come across service providers that will enable you to buy 20 Instagram followers or more. You can select the number of followers based on your requirement, and it will add to your organic follower growth.

    1. Make use of Instagram Reels

    If you’re not using Instagram Reels in 2021, you might just be missing out on a huge follower base. Reels is a new video feature by Instagram that has occupied all the prominence in the navigation bar. It helps you to record the 30-second video clip on given music. Today, Instagram has brought Reels to the forefront, making it essential for brands and businesses to make use of this feature.

    You can find the Reels in your profile. And it comes with the scope of becoming viral. The users get to see the Reels from accounts they follow and others as well. And this feature is the game-changer. Sharing a Reel to your Instagram feed and Explore Page is an excellent way to maximize your reach more than the followers. You can come up with several creative ways to use Instagram Reels for your business. Also, since it’s a new feature, it’s a good idea to use this feature as the competition will still below, and Instagram is giving prominence to this new feature. So, go ahead and use this feature to maximize your follower count.

    1. Optimize the profile for search

    Optimizing your Instagram profile for search is one of the most under-used Instagram hacks for maximizing your follower count! However, in 2021 you shouldn’t leave this stone unturned. With a current Instagram declaration, English-speaking users from six countries could search Instagram using keywords. It’s a massive game-changer in the app.

    Earlier, if the users would search for “home workouts,” the accounts or hashtags with “home workouts” in their username would appear. Currently, posts with names, captions, or bios that showcase “home workouts” come up in the search, even if there isn’t any hashtag in the particular post.

    Instagram considers various factors, comprising the content type, caption, and the post’s time, to showcase relevant results. It uses machine learning to come up with the best quality content that is important for you. For now, the grid posts will come up. Hence, it is necessary to optimize the search’s Instagram captions if you wish to get organized. You can also plan the Instagram posts using specialized tools to get more followers.

    1. Generate an IGTV series

    One of the best Instagram predictions for 2020 was that the IGTV feature would become an essential aspect! And the current trends suggest that it’s not pausing anytime soon. Today, more users are working from home and are counting on social media for entertainment. And the IGTV tabs on the profiles allow you to sync in your audience with the IGTV content.

    When you generate an IGTV series, you can connect with your community and reach out to a broader audience section. If you haven’t utilized the IGTV channel yet, then in 2021, you need to do this to bring about a positive change in your Instagram profile. You need to think about the long-video content that your audience might love and start to create something on that line. Also, any video content gets you more attention to your feed, which will eventually generate more Instagram followers.

    1. Get more inclusive and diverse

    It is essential to have an inclusive, accessible, and diverse Instagram account. It will help you to generate increased engagement and enhance the community. Also, it might add to your existing follower count.

    There are several ways to generate an inclusive and accessible Instagram account. You need to start somewhere! The first step is to start adding subtitles to the Instagram video content. 85% of the videos on other social media platforms get watched without sound. Hence, making the content understandable without audio is essential. Subtitles are of fair use for people who watch videos without sound.

    Furthermore, 2020 witnessed a crucial shift, with influencers and brands taking complete accountability for their absence of diversity in marketing. Hence, in 2021 the relevance of diversity is through the roof. By deciding not to join hands with more diverse content generators or show assistance for social causes, brands might miss out on connecting with a broader user group that might have shown support for their products and brand.

    Today, 74% of the customers expect the brands they support to take stands on essential topics. It helps to add a human element to the brand. And this naturally helps to maximize brand loyalty and your followers as well.

    1. Join hands with micro-influencers

    If you want to connect with a new audience and followers in 2021, you might have to work with micro-influencers. Even though the high follower counts and blue checks might seem tempting, these influencers might not prove to be the ideal choice for your business or brand. According to a Markerly study, the micro-influencers who have 10k to 100k followers are suitable for increased reach and engagement.

    Your followers on Instagram are essential because they let you know that your brand or business is critical. You can resort to the strategies mentioned above to maximize your Instagram followers.

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    Appreciating Your Instagram Fans and Followers – A Few Easy Tactics


    Instagram has come a long way! It has gained a new dimension than just a photo-sharing social platform. Today, the platform is getting used by brands, start-up entrepreneurs, and celebrities to reach out to their followers and increase their social mileage. It’s your followers who make you a real star on Instagram. Hence, you must show your appreciation for them from time to time. It will make them feel counted and will make them stay loyal to you and your brand.

    Statuses or news feeds like “Thank you for following us for one year” or “Thank you for 2000 followers” are not new. Brands do this from time to time to thank their followers. Thank you, messages are essential, as it shows your followers that you count on them. It makes them happy. Hence, whether you have attained 500 or 1000 followers, make it a point to acknowledge your followers. This small appreciation will go a long way.

    Get your followers

    As you thank your Instagram followers, it is also essential to get more followers. Every brand and business want to grow and expand on Instagram. Do you resonate with this? If yes, then you must be implementing the tactics to gain Instagram followers organically. While this is a good way, you can also accelerate the pace of attaining followers by purchasing them from trusted service providers.

    Today, there are reputed service providers that help you to buy 25 real Instagram followers. You can choose the number of followers depending on your requirement. It’s a good move to purchase followers in moderation. It will complement the rise of your follower organically as well. Also, people tend to follow Instagram profiles that have an impressive follower count. These service providers make it easy for you to choose the number of followers you want to purchase and complete the transaction process. To know more about this, you can check out

    Appreciating your Instagram followers

    When you are on Instagram, you need to get expressive. It is essential to show your adoration for the followers and let them know that you are happy that they followed you. You can make a point about how you feel about them following you. Make sure that you don’t share an overwhelming response and go overboard. It is essential to stay balanced and let your followers know that their presence and involvement counts. Are you wondering how to go about it? If yes, here are few easy tactics that can help you appreciate your Instagram followers and get more followers in return.

    1. Follow your followers

    The initial way to get connected with your fans is to give them some attention. For instance, did they follow you and tagged you in a post on Instagram? If, yes then the first thing to do is to follow them back. Not every celebrity or business follows back their followers. Hence, if yours is a start-up business and you are looking for more social mileage, follow back your followers. It will make them feel special, and they will like all your posts and might share the same on social media. It will boost your social mileage and help you reach out to a new fan base you didn’t know existed.

    1. Show some love

    Did a follower share a comment on your post? Is it feedback? Is it a general comment? If yes, you have the chance to turn it into your favor by appreciating the same. The first thing to do is to show your follower some love, literally. Instagram allows a heart reaction to every comment shared by your followers. It indicates that you loved the comment or the feedback. So go ahead and make use of this option. Your fans and followers will love it when you love their comments. It will make them feel special and want to stick with your brand more.

    1. Respond with a comment

    It’s not an unknown fact that followers like to get acknowledged and want to interact with their best brands. Hence, if they have left you a comment, you might as well respond with a reply to the same. For instance, if a follower shared their suggestion about your service or product, you can respond by saying, “Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable suggestion. It means a lot to us”. Similarly, if a follower asked for information, you can reply with the required links.

    1. Thank your followers

    You must keep a check of your followers who are constantly liking and sharing your posts. Chances are you will find few loyal names who constantly like and share your content. It’s a good gesture to acknowledge them by thanking them. You can tag their Instagram IDs and thank them.

    When you appreciate your followers, your followers tend to stay loyal to you. They recommend you to others as well. And this enables you to increase your reach on Instagram. Hence, go all the way to appreciate your Instagram followers.



  • When you buy 25 Instagram followers, they become prized assets for small businesses

    When you buy 25 Instagram followers, they become prized assets for small businesses


    When you buy 25 Instagram followers, they become prized assets for small businesses. Marketing success for all sizes and types of businesses depends on creating a lasting impression about the business or brand that helps build trust and keep consumers closely attached. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to take your business in front of consumers. And uphold the brand in such a way that compels consumers to engage with it. Realizing social media capabilities in helping brands gain comprehensive visibility. And generate engagement, businesses are using various social media channels for marketing.

    Instagram being an all-visual platform is most attractive to gain comprehensive outreach. And closer engagement because images and videos have high appeal over another type of content. Instagram is incredibly powerful for sales and marketing that can expose your brand to 1.074 billion potential customers at any point in time.  The addition of 73.5 million users over the numbers of 2020 shows the incredible growth opportunities for businesses that can stay miles ahead of their competitors by using Instagram wisely.

    Affordable marketing campaigns

    When you buy 25 Instagram followers, they become prized assets for small businesses

    When you buy 25 Instagram followers, they become prized assets for small businesses

    Small businesses can launch affordable but immensely effective marketing campaigns on Instagram by using visual content like images to videos that have a deeper impact on consumers. They can consume a much larger content volume in lesser time.  Not only are images more appealing, but the human brain processes images much faster and takes about 1/10th time to process an image over another type of content. Moreover, Instagram is a highly business-centric social media channel and keeps adding more business-friendly features that give more muscle to the marketing campaigns that deliver much better results. For ideas and tips check

    Why Instagram followers are important

    Instagram opens up new vistas of opportunities for businesses that can tell their stories to engage with consumers closely. And demonstrate its creativity to attract new customers for widening the customer base. However, to get the most from Instagram when using it for marketing, it is not enough to post high-quality images and videos. Still, it knows how to gain instant attraction that drives viewers towards the brand organically.

    Viewers typically select posts by gauging their popularity reflected in the number of followers for that account.  Followers take an active interest in the account and keep commenting and interacting with the posts that help engage with the brand more closely. Followers admire the brand and share the content widely if they find it exciting but without any extra effort on the part of businesses. The popularity of the brand spreads faster through sharing.

    How to develop followers

    Followers on Instagram are not mere viewers of your posts, but they take much more interest in what you publish because they expect to get some value from it.  Posting incredible visuals will attract some people organically who will gradually become your follower after realizing the potential of your brand that satisfies their expectations. They not only view the content but engage with it by posting their views and comments. However, the growth of followers in an organic way will take some time together with businesses to ensure follower engagement.

    Since the business landscape is too much competitive and fast-changing. Taking too much time to increase the number of followers can make businesses lag in competition. Instead, it is easier to buy 25 real Instagram followers that speed up the process and significantly boost engagement. Since these are real followers, you get more mileage in marketing as the growth rate of followers multiplies very fast.

    Followers strengthen the campaign

    As you gain more followers, your brand receives a lot of attention because of the constant interaction that the followers have with it. The level of engagement is a measure of how good your content is and how happy your followers are. It served some of their purposes either by solving some problems or answering some queries. When your followers are satisfied with the content, they share it with others or even repost it. Which goes a long way to strengthen your business.

     The role of followers

    It will be a mistake that all your followers are your customers. Followers start engaging with the brand when you post meaningful and high-quality content that they find helpful. These followers have the potential of becoming your customer through proper nurturing. Through a series of regular interactions, the level of engagement increases. And there comes a time when your followers turn into customers. Since converting followers to customers take time, you should target a large follower base that becomes a valuable resource for potential customers.

    The number of followers points to the level of trust and reliability that the brand enjoys. Higher is the number of followers, more trustworthy would be the brand.  Like success breeds success, followers bring in more followers that enhance the returns from your marketing efforts. Some influencers could be among your followers who can help take your brand and business to the next level. Since these people are famous in their own right and have a large fan following. Your business gets unexpected exposure to the new group of followers, which brightens business growth prospects.

    Your brand can become famous

    More followers increase the brand trust, and the speed at which the brand name keeps moving across the social circles could make your brand famous in no time. Although followers contribute significantly to make brands famous. The real work is to create incredibly premium content that can go viral. And help the brand gain fame in the shortest time. Having a large following is social proof about the reliability of the brand, which increases the number of followers and turns many of them loyal to the brand, which is like a bonus for marketers.

    Followers can spread the brand name in a more impactful manner that often works better than advertising. People hear about the brand’s goodness from other people instead of the business making tall claims; they consider it more acceptable as it is free from any bias. Therefore, followers are stronger advertisements for your brand and save your advertising costs.

  • Celebs buy cheap real Instagram followers

    Celebs buy cheap real Instagram followers


    Celebs buy cheap real Instagram followers when they make social actions


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    Drives at 200 km/h and Uploads Video to IG


    We’ve all probably seen people drive at some very dangerous speed while on the road. People do that sort of thing all the time, although they honestly shouldn’t. But driving really fast down the highway, recording yourself and uploading it to Instagram is seriously the worst decisions to put together. But that’s what a driver from Barcelona decided to do the other day, and it didn’t end well.


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    Archiving Instagram Pictures? Soon!


    Looking through your old Instagram pictures is a pretty common practice. And sometimes we might see some pictures that we regret uploading. It could be because it’s a bad selfie, a bad picture, a picture with our ex, or just anything that you would rather not see on your profile with the rest of the other pictures. But sometimes, it’s hard for us to delete them because deep down we don’t want to (it could be because we don’t have the original one or because we want to keep the memory either way). That’s why Instagram is installing a new feature very soon: an option to archive your Instagram pictures!


  • Mariah Carey Caught Using Photoshop!


    Mariah Carey Caught Using Photoshop!

    Mariah Carey isn’t just known for being a great singer. She’s also known for terribly Photoshopping her Instagram pictures. She probably edits them herself, and since she’s not a professional photo editor, there are mistakes which can be seen by everyone.

    Mariah Carey

    Picture uploaded by Mariah that is obviously edited.

    This past Thanksgiving, Mariah uploaded a picture of herself celebrating this holiday, and everyone noticed that something looked weird about the picture. She had edited part of her body, like her legs and an arm, but she didn’t notice that she was moving the background as well. Therefore, we can see the cabinet doors moved unnaturally, so it’s pretty obvious she edited it.

    It’s hard to believe how celebrities with so many Instagram followers make these huge mistakes. Did she really think nobody was going to notice that? And it’s not like she’s the only one, there are many more famous Instagrammers that edit their pictures and don’t really pay attention to the final result. Honestly, we think it’s extremely important to check your pictures for any huge flaws like this when Photoshopping them. It’s just much worse than not editing them at all. In fact, in most cases, it would have been the smartest option.

  • Instagram Screenshot Notifications


    Instagram Screenshot Notifications

    Instagram has been integrating lots of different functions from other social apps. You might think that the only thing they’ve taken from Snapchat are the stories, but now they’ve also added a feature where people are notificated if you screenshot their stories, whether they’re public or sent through DMs.

    instagram logo

    Instagram Screenshot Notifications

    Instagram logo.
    Lots of people have gotten really nervous when figuring this out, because it’s something quite common that many people do, and you don’t actually see that the other person gets a notification. And sneaky as they are, Instagram didn’t warn anyone about this update. However, at the moment this only happens with accounts that have their setting set to private.

    It seems that in the future they want to do the same with public accounts and not just with stories, but with videos and pictures that are updated normally, and probably private conversations as well. Although at first you might think this is a bummer to you because you won’t be able to “stalk”, this is actually a security measure to see who is saving your Instagram content privately, And if you ever see your content uploaded somewhere else, you might have a slight idea of who it might have been

    Never thought about that, right? Just think that Instagram wouldn’t be implementing this if it was only negative. There’s always a reason behind every update.

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    Boris Bork, the Rich Instagram Russian


    Boris Bork is a Russian millionaire with a few thousand followers on Instagram that enjoyed seeing his rich lifestyle. He would go to fancy restaurants, ride his own private helicopter, wear expensive clothes and so on. But his followers were in for quite a surprise.


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    The Oldest Model on Instagram?


    Instagram is a platform where thousands or even millions of its users are models. Since there are so many, it’s really hard to find one that stands out from the rest, but you can really find special models here and there if you know how to look right.


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    Instagram Story Updates


    Instagram has been updating at an incredible speed lately. It seems as if we have, at least, one update per month for this app we all know and love. And maybe, since there are so many updates in such a short period of time, you might have missed a few details that can be useful for you.


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    Caught Trafficking Through Instagram


    Melina Roberce seemed like the typical Instagram girl with lots of money that would travel around different places of the world. However, thanks to the fact that she was uploading every detail of her recent vacations, the police managed ot get a hold of her and arrest her for illegal posession of cocaine.


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    Get More Instagram Followers


    Most people who have an Instagram account want to reach as many people as possible. However, sometimes it may seem that, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to gain more followers. Maybe it’s because you’re unlucky, or maybe it’s because you’re missing a few things. Either way, we’ll be giving you a few hints just in case.


  • Naomi Campbell Messes Up an Instagram Caption!


    We get that everyone makes mistakes when writing every once in a while. Typos are extremely common. But when you’re famous and have thousands or even millions of followers on the Internet, you should definitely double-check everything you post. Especially when you’re sponsoring a product!

    naomi campbell instagram

    Naomi Campbell Messes Up an Instagram Caption!

    What happened the other day was that Naomi Campbell was given a pair of Adidas shoes in order for her to promote them on her Instagram account. Usually when this happens, they’re also given a certain caption to add to the picture (in some other cases, the owner of the Instagram can add their own). However, she totally forgot to take away the message before the caption, which was part of the email sent to her, making it very obvious that she was sponsoring the product. She didn’t take too long to edit it, but many people have already seen it and taken screenshots.

    It’s not as if people didn’t know that most celebrities get paid to sponsor products, but seeing it so crude like that just makes it very weird; it can make some people see Instagram differently. In fact, this isn’t the first time someone has a similar mistake. One other man was sent an email explaining what picture he should post and at what time, and he copy paste the entire email.

    So no matter how fast you change a caption, if you’re a celebrity or just have many followers in general, your mistake is probably going to be seen by a few hundreds at least.

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    Stina Sanders Loses Instagram Followers


    When you’re a model on Instagram  you have to maintain a certain status. You have to look good for your audience because, even if you have your Instagram account as your personal account, it’s still your public image. And a model’s image is their own marketing; it’s still part of their job.


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    Instagram’s New Timeline is Here


    Last week we mentioned that Instagram would change its timeline and we would no longer see posts in a chronological order. If you’ve updated the app, you’ll see that those changes are already here. So now, the most “important” ones should be showing up first!


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    Instagram Deletes Third-Party Apps


    When a social network becomes extremely popular, lots of developers out there tend to come up with innovating apps to give the program much more to play around with. However, lots of social networks (most, in fact) tend to such down third-party apps or similar programs.


  • Instagram Multiaccount Management


    One of the features that was asked for the most on Instagram was something that would allow a person to manage more than one account smoothly without having to close one and log into the other. Well… that petition is starting to slowly become a reality!


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    Kylie Jenner Is Leaving Instagram!


    2015 is almost over and, without a doubt, Kylie Jenner was one of its main characters. She managed to become extremely famous this past year through social media, and is currently one of the most influential celebrities out there for other women. However, it seems that her Instagram reign is coming to an end.


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    Flirting on Instagram


    We’ve come across several articles that talked about flirting on Instagram and how it should be done. We found this topic very curious, since Instagram is used mainly for business or personal use as a picture blog. But we never came across the idea of using it as some sort of Tinder?


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    When to Post on Instagram


    Knowing how to post on Instagram and what to post is quite important. You have to upload quality content if you want to attract people to your blog. But another important pillar to a great Instagram is something that not too many people pay attention to: the time which you upload your things.


  • Discover the level of addiction to Instagram you have


    Discover the level of addiction to Instagram you have

    Instagram is one of the social networks that present the best future prospects of Internet. Although it have had a relatively short life (a little more than three years), it already has more than 200 million of followers in the whole world and it is now a part of Facebook’s conglomerate.

    That’s because pictures are addictive. The level of addiction that Instagram creates is directly proportional to our love for photography. And…who doesn’t like photos? Well, if you are one of those people who sign into Instagram several times each day, take pictures constantly thinking about upload them into your profile as soon as possible or even if you buy Instagram followers, there is a app that may interest you.

    Statigram, the app that measures your addiction to Instagram.

    Indeed, if you are one of those people who buy likes on Instagram, take part in all the contest of this social network and, in short, can’t live without Instagram, Statigram is the application for you. Get ready to know everything about your behavior on Instagram.

    Statigram is a tool that is very easy to use. It gives you a birthing certificate on Instagram, where appears the first picture you uploaded into your account. The system needs just a few minutes to calculate your statistics, but in a moment you can see them in the section called snapshots.

    What can I find among my Instagram’s statistics? In first place, you will find countless information and curiosities related to your activities on Instagram, like the picture that more likes has received in your account, what is the origin of most of your followers, to whom you have given more likes or comments, or which ones are the tags you have used the most. It shows all the TOPS imaginable related to your activity on Instagram.

    Also, you can find more interesting data related to your pictures too. For example, you will discover at which time of the day you get more likes, the filters you use the most…It’s a good way to know what works and what doesn’t with your pictures.

    In fact, this app’s functionality is double. On one hand, it is very interesting for those people who feel curiosity about their activities in this social network and who love Instagram. I mean, it’s very interesting for those people who only want to entertain themselves and browse around their statistics. But, on the other hand, it is a powerful marketing tool that let you know which pictures you should upload, which titles and tags you should give them and at which hour you should upload them to get as much popularity as possible on this social network.

    Do you think you are addicted to Instagram too?


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    5 kinds of pictures you shouldn’t post on Instagram


    Instagram not only is one of the most popular social networks of the whole world, but it also has been the driving force behind many trends in photography of this new generation. Some of them have reached a great success among the users and even some hashtags, like “selfie”, have been considered “words of the year”. But there are trends that we better avoid because they are so tiresome or/and ridiculous or because there is way too many of that kind of pictures for them to be appreciated anymore.

    Coffee pictures

    Coffee lovers don’t have enough with reminding us, the people who don’t consume it, that “I can’t live without coffee” or that “Until I get my coffee, I can’t wake up”. But, really, hardly anyone likes “art-coffee” pictures. The American trash culture and Starbucks have done a great deal of damage in this regard.

    Uninviting food

    Some time ago, we presented you in our web some tips you can put into practice to make good food pictures to post in your Instagram account. That’s because among the pictures of desserts, gourmet dishes, hamburgers, etc., there are a lot of “works of art” that we can consider just garbage. We could call them junk food in photography version. Avoid flashes, green or yellow filters and, please, don’t post everything you are going to eat. To buy likes on Instagram is a much better way to get popularity than uploading this kind of pictures.

    5 kinds of pictures you shouldn’t post on Instagram

    Selfies with a mirror

    Selfies, as you well know, are those pictures that you take of yourself to post them on social networks. Instagram has popularized this kind of pictures, to the extent that even Obama himself has given into it. But the excess of this kind of pictures has led to the emergence of horrible selfies, in which people who are in love with their bodies make a fool of themselves in front of the mirror. They even think they will get bonus points if the guys emphasize their packages and the girls make a “kissy face”.

    Pictures of inane things you see in your trips

    Almost everyone likes to travel and to see pictures of places where they have never been. But one thing is to post pictures of your trips but it is quite another to take a picture of the post signs of every store or pub that cross your path, of billboards or even of beer labels to show everyone that you are in another country. If you are going to post pictures of your trips, upload photographs of more interesting things!

    Doggies and kitties

    Yes, we already know that they are super cute. Doggies and kitties are adorable creatures and they are fun too. We can admit that, once in a while, these kinds of pictures are very charming, but please, we have seen more pictures of your cat “Simon” than of Claudia Schiffer. And every time you dress him worse than in the previous picture. Please, stop.

    More information about Insta4likes, here