Instagram Story Updates

Instagram Story Updates
September 19, 2016 admin
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Instagram has been updating at an incredible speed lately. It seems as if we have, at least, one update per month for this app we all know and love. And maybe, since there are so many updates in such a short period of time, you might have missed a few details that can be useful for you.

instagram stories Image taken from Tech Crunch.

One of the things Instagram introduced a few weeks ago was silencing stories. So if you’re following someone that posts way too many stories or stories that you really don’t care about, you can silence them so they won’t appear at the top of your app when you open it. Also, you can choose who can or can’t see your stories. So, going out Friday but your coworkers think you’re staying home? You can block them from seeing your story.

Another feature that was added was that Instagram will nwo automatically save any pictures or videos you upload directly from Stories, so you don’t have to take screenshots or regret not doing it from your camera instead of the app. As you can see, they’re small updates but can be useful for many.

In general, people are really happy with this. However, most users still want their timeline changed to how it used to: in chronoligical order. But they don’t seem to be thinking about changing that back, at least not at the moment. Protection Status for