Runaway Anna Zaiachkivska Found Through Instagram

Runaway Anna Zaiachkivska Found Through Instagram
September 17, 2016 admin
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Anna Zaiachkivskam, known for being Miss Ukraine in 2013, recently got married to the multimillionaire Gianluca Cervara. Days after the wedding, she disappeared without a trace. So, as anyone would have done, the husband decided to warn the police, thinking she got kidnapped.

instagram Picture of the couple, taken from the husband’s Instagram.

However, what actually happened was much different. The police tried tracking her down and quickly found a picture on Instagram of Anna with another man in New York. So, basically, she ran away on purpose from her husband to be with someone else. The thing is… if you runaway from someone, you technically don’t want them to find you. So why would she have that picture uploaded to a public Instagram account?

She was contacted shortly after and she claimed that she ran from her husband because he was abusive and wouldn’t take care of her when she wasn’t feeling well. But he has claimed that all of this isn’t true and that, in fact, you can see her in several pictures on Instagram with different men where she looks pretty happy, so it’s just an excuse to look like the victim in the whole situation.

Only they know the truth behind what happened, but what’s obvious is that you can’t run away and expect someone to never fin dyou if you upload pictures to the Internet. Unless you wanted them to find you on purpose, of course.