Plastic Surgery Based On Instagram Filters

Plastic Surgery Based On Instagram Filters
March 19, 2015 admin
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The plastic surgery physicians over in the Surgery clinic in Beverly Hills have announced that they are seeing a big rise in both men and women inquiring about plastic surgeries based on Instagram filters they have been using.

A few months back, a report emerged that went viral on the social networks, the report was from the academy of facial plastic  and reconstructive surgery and it showed how plastic surgeons are seeing a surge in the amount of surgery requests from people who are wanting to look better in the selfies they take. Currently, other high end plastic surgery facilities such as BHP are also seeing a rise in the requests relating to social media and Instagram filters.

Instagram filters are used for people to create better versions of themselves, or whatever it is they have photographed, all they have to do is snap a selfie, and change its look with just one swipe, making you appear prettier, sexier, more vibrant, instantly. These Instagram filters are now used on a massive scale and as a result people are seeing the potential beauty side and are now coming to surgeons asking how they can get a similar look. Remember, the whole philosophy behind plastic surgery is being able to see the best version of one’s self…

Plastic surgery patients are often unfairly stigmatized for wanting to look like someone other than themselves, but that is not really what is going on. The core principals of plastic surgery are to help the patients find their inner beauty that already exists in them, and plastic surgeons are only bringing out, or emphasizing their already natural beauty.

Now, plastic surgery is nowhere near as simple as changing a filter on Instagram is, and filters are reversible and editable, whereas plastic surgery, it’s more permanent. Even if you do love the filters on Instagram, have a long and hard think as to whether that is what you want to look like forever 🙂