Uploaded New Ring to Instagram, Lost It

Uploaded New Ring to Instagram, Lost It
December 8, 2015 admin
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Many people love using Instagram not only to upload pictures of what they’re eating or what places they’re at, but also things they’ve bought. And that can be OK, we all like showing off a little bit. But we’ve got to be careful with the kind of things we upload to our public Instagram accounts!

Mauro-Icardi-574981 Mauro Icardi.

Mauro Icardi, a football player from Argentina, recently purchased a quite expensive watch from the brand Hublot. And he didn’t just take a picture of his watch, but a picture of his watch while he was in his Rolls Royce. So basically, he was hardcore bragging. And when you do that on the Internet, you’re basically begging for something to happen to you.

And that’s what happened next! When he was about to get into his home in Milan, two guys came up to him and basically stole his watch. And what can you do about that? When you’re famous, people tend to know many things about you through media, the Internet, etc. So it’s only normal that they might just know where you live. Bragging about having a fortune through public images on the Internet like that is not a good idea.

And this doesn’t just go for all the famous people out there. It’s not the first time someone uploads some of their belongings on Instagram and they get robbed because there’s too much information out there. Just be careful what you publish!