Basic Instagram Rules of 2015

Basic Instagram Rules of 2015
December 7, 2015 admin
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This year Instagram has become so amazingly populer we just can’t believe it. More and more people have started using this social website, and because it’s been so used, it’s much easier to analize all the popular Instagram accounts and take note of what we have to do in order to grow as well.

instagram insta4likes Picture taken from Insta4likes’ official Instagram account.

For example, taking pictures of your food and desserts has become really popular. However, you can’t just take a nice picture of any plate. You have to know which one looks attractive and which one doesn’t. For example, lots of people like cheeseburgers, right? Plus, they usually look really tasty. Now, people may also like other foods such as broccoli, but steamed broccoli isn’t as pretty as a cheeseburger, right? Think about that!

We’ve also learned that people love seeing the owners of different Instagram accounts. So if you wanted to upload only pctures of beaches, your dog and food, think about including a selfie every once in a while. People really like that. Also, express yourself! People love seeing pictures ont heir timeline that actually express something. Of course, you can add a caption explaining as well. Just your opinions on whatever you’d like, like body image or travelling. We love hearing people out and not just watching plain images.

And last, but not least, express your love. We all love positive timelines, right? Then show the world the love you got, whether it0s for your boyfriend or girlfriend, your family, your dog or the entire world. That’s definitely going to win you some hearts as well! Protection Status for