Instagram Had a Small Panic Attack

Instagram Had a Small Panic Attack
December 4, 2015 admin
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A couple of days ago everyone on Instagram had a small panic attack. If you didn’t notice that means you didn’t use Instagram and you weren’t on any social media, because people were going bananas all over the place thinking they got hacked.

instagram Picture taken from Insta4likes’ official Instagram account.

On Wednesday Instagram had a small bug and many users got an error message every time they tried to log in or use their accounts. First, many images from their news feed wouldn’t load. Then, they would get kicked out of the app and get an error message that said that th account password might have been changed.

Of course, the first thing you might think when reading something like this is that someone has tried to get into your Instagram account. So everyone started tweeting and making Facebook posts saying they thought they got hacked. However, after seeing that the error was a common issue that day, everyone started to calm down. Even Instagram used its official Twitter to tel people it was a temporary bug and that nobody’s account password had been changed.

No matter how big a social network is, it’s still computer science. And it’s not perfect, all software fails at some point, even if it’s only for a while.