3 Benefits of Using Instagram For Business

3 Benefits of Using Instagram For Business
March 13, 2015 admin
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At this stage you should be fully aware of the potential that Instagram has for creating visual content to drive your business. Even if you are still not a member of Instagram you’ve likely seen many Instagram photos on other platforms.Did you know there is a lot more to Instagram then just sharing photos? Especially for a business. Below we will list 3 great benefits of using Instagram for business.

1. Learn What People Like/ What They Are Interested In

You may not even realize this but the truth is that Instagram users may already be sharing your photos and commenting on your business, this will be even truer for a physical business that people can visit on a regular schedule. Restaurants are a great example of what I am talking about, people who go to restaurants often post pics and comments on their meals out via Instagram. For restaurants and any other offline business for that matter Instagram is a great way to look in at how your customers feel about your business.

2. To Connect With Your Customers

Interestingly, Instagram has the most active user base of any other social media site, a recent study has shown that Instagram posts get 120 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and Twitter.  With all of these active users on Instagram, it is the perfect place to start marketing your business and connecting with your customers. You can share photos of new products, get user feedback, generate real sales, and much much more.

3. For Finding New Customers

Instagram is the easiest of the social networks for discovering new brands and people. The main way that people find new content is through the hashtag system. When you are posting as a business it is important to include the relevant hashtags to allow new audiences to see your content. For Example a business selling Tattoo’s in San Diego would have hashtags #tattoo, #body art etc…to allow body art enthusiasts to reach them, and they should also include local hashtags such as #sandiego to easily connect with their local potential clients.