Kim Kardashian Shares Her Instagram Strategy

Kim Kardashian Shares Her Instagram Strategy
March 26, 2015 admin
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If you want to succeed at cooking, you may ask Gordon Ramsay for cooking advice, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you might ask Tony Robbins for some advice… If you want to succeed at Instagram, who could you ask? Well it turns out, Kim Kardashian, who is the master of Instagram with over 28.4 million followers, the most out of any Instagram users ever!

Kim, Queen Of Instagram

Kim, Queen Of Instagram

The Media outlet, The Hollywood Informer got Kim in an interview, and they asked just that: How did you succeed at Instagram, what are your secrets? Kim was happy to talk about her Instagram methods and usage.

Of course she being super famous and having a super famous husband helps with her an edge against us mortals Instagram accounts, but you will be surprised to learn that her Instagram Plan of action isn’t actually that complicated what so ever. Below is a breakdown of how Kim uses Instagram, to hopefully give us some insight to how the biggest account on Instagram does what it does.

Her method is: NO METHOD

According to Mrs. Kardashian, she has no master plan whatsoever for her Instagram strategy, she has no rules for what she posts, or what time she posts, she just lets it happen naturally. One thing she did mention was that she tried very hard to not promote or give favouritism towards certain brands, she likes to stay as neutral as she can, saying “Some people post a couple times a day to promote their products, but I won’t.”

She Doesn’t Use Filters

You may be surprised to learn that Kim never uses filters, ever! She doesn’t like the way they look and prefers to keep things ‘as they are’.

She Instagram’s everything herself

Bet you weren’t expecting this, considering that many small businesses or lesser famous people have a dedicated social media manager.. But yes, Kim takes the time to do everything herself. Maybe her love, personal effects are what has made her such a sensation on Instagram, because we know for sure that other A-list celebs in similar to her do not touch their social accounts..