A Guide – Instagram For Small Businesses

A Guide – Instagram For Small Businesses
March 27, 2015 admin

With more than a staggering 300 million active users, Instagram is the new way for brands and businesses to connect with the public, in the most visual way ever. Small businesses and large corporations alike are collectively moving their brand to the Instagram platform. This guide is meant specifically for small businesses getting started on Instagram.

Instagram is probably the best place of 2015 for a small business trying to make an online impact. How you use the platform though will depend in your own business needs. For example a business selling clothing would use Instagram as a place to share and feature your products while receiving feedback from the public. A local restaurant may use Instagram to posts pictures of the menu, dishes and special offers, as a way of attracting more customers.

Instagram is all about the visuals. Small businesses need to post continuous, compelling interesting visual content to attract a following. To get ideas of what to post, check out your “rivals” accounts and see the kinds of things they are posting. You need to remember that although you are using Instagram mainly to promote your business, your Instagram account can’t be only promoting your business with 3 posts a day, you need to vary your photos, post cool pictures that beg to be interacted with, and keep self-promotion down to maybe one post or day, or less.

When you are crafting your posts, it is vitally important to include some hashtags, if you are serious about building a loyal following for your brand. Hashtags start with “#” and are a way of putting your posts into certain categories/keywords/topics. So for example if you are a clothing store selling women’s dresses, the photos you publish should be accompanied with hashtags such as #SummerDress, #Fashion #style etc. Now whenever a user searches for “summer dresses” on Instagram, your post will show up. Hashtags are brilliant for bringing in new audiences for your business, so use the wisely!

There really isn’t too much that should go into a small business strategy for Instagram, just post relevant, interesting photos related to your businesses industry, and add the odd bit of self-promotion to your posts, buy some followers for your account, and you are pretty much set.