Ten Instagram Tips to Be Successful as Celebrities (I)

Ten Instagram Tips to Be Successful as Celebrities (I)
August 17, 2015 admin
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We all know celebrities have found their place in social networks – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, there’s almost no celebrity who doesn’t have an account on at least one of them. And, of course, they get even more popular on the net than in reality. They share their lives with us, show us their hobbies, their work, their parties… Have you ever wondered what makes them different from normal people on Instagram? Here are some things they do that you can also do.

  1. Taking a plane view. There’s no better way to get others envious than showing them the first view of your dream-like holiday – from the air. That’s how Miranda Kerr (@mirandakerr) does it.
  2. Overwhelming sunsets: We’ve all looked at the sun setting far away and thought it was the most beautiful thing of the day. We’re not the only ones. Celebrities such as Diane Kruger (@dianekrugerperso) have also found evening sunshine breathtaking.
Diane Kruger's sunset on her Instagram profile Diane Kruger’s sunset on her Instagram profile
  1. Showing exotic #instafood: What’s better than going to an exotic vacation destiny and getting surrounded by local culture? That includes food, of course, and no one would go to a vacation in Mexico without trying real tacos and tortillas, or to France without having at least a crêpe or a croissant. Giselle Bündchen (@gisele) gives a try to Korean food on her latest pics.
  2. Feet pictures: We’ve already talked about how much Instagram loves feet, but it seems summer is the best time of the year for taking pics of them. Elle Macpherson (@ellenmacphersonofficial) knows it well and has shown us her feet in the pool.
  3. Underwater selfie: Now that we’ve got into the pool, it’s time for a selfie under the water, as Katy Perry (@katyperry) has done. The only thing you need is an underwater camera and, of course, water.