Instagram Gives Wings to the Feet

Instagram Gives Wings to the Feet
May 22, 2015 admin
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If one were to say what the most prominent feature of Instagram is, one would probably say the filters you can use to give your pics that special aura, and then a special kind of photos would come – selfies.

Photographing yourself has become a fashion permissible at every occasion and no matter the circumstances. One may see selfies taken during a yard sale, selfies made while there was a robbery, at the hospital or even in space! They’re everywhere and it seems that they’re here to stay.

However, there is another kind of photograph which is also very popular amongst those who take selfies – selfeets. Instead of taking a pic of your face and your friends’, you can turn the lens down and make a portrait of your feet. It was already a very popular trend in social networks before Instagram arrived, and people used to create shapes (stars, circles) with their feet just to immortalize them in a pic and upload it to the social media.

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Instagram, nevertheless, has gone a step beyond. Do you know I Have This Thing With Floors? This account followed by more than 320 thousand people just uploads foot photos where the important thing is the background, that is, the floor on which those feet are standing. The best feature of it? Maybe some of the beautiful floors, such as mosaics, floor tiles or painted concrete.

It is a way of representing art without focusing on the things we normally focus on regarding art. As the feet are always there, the artist becomes present in the works, and you can admire both the background, which is mostly artistic, and the artist taking the photograph. And, of course, you can admire pretty shoes. It’s got everything! If you want to give it a try, try the #IHaveThisThingWithFloors hashtag!