Uploader App For Mac – Upload Photos To Instagram From Desktop

Uploader App For Mac – Upload Photos To Instagram From Desktop
March 30, 2015 admin
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There are a good number of apps on the market, both free and paid for the purpose of interacting with Instagram on your Mac. Instagram even has a mac app called Grids which is a desktop interface for Instagram which allows you to like, comment and download pictures from the platform. However, uploading photos directly to Instagram from your mac has always been impossible, the reason for this being that Instagram was designed for mobile app use exclusively, as a way to capture your life via your phone. However, there is a new app on the market that does what hasn’t been available before, and it is called Uploader, you can try find on Apple Store.

The app was actually developed by a very intelligent 17 year old student named Caleb Benn, who amazingly is also the owner of 2 software companies while being in 12th grade in school.

The app will launch on your mac from the “menu bar”. The design is simple yet elegant, and once you launch it, it will give you clear instructions on exactly how to use it.

When it comes to using the app, it is so simple. All you have to do is find the image that you would like to upload to Instagram, either from your macs hdd or an external memory source, when you find the image, click it and scroll down until you see the option to “Share to Instagram”.

When you choose to share your photo, it will render in a small window on your mac where you can perform some editing options such as resizing the photo, use 47 different types of filters. You can also use the isight camera to take pictures and upload them.

Once you have finished editing your image you will be taken back to the main menu where you can now enter a caption for the image and then, tadaa, upload it to Instagram!

Do you want to finally be able to upload photos from your mac onto Instagram too? You can download The Uploader for Instagram Mac App here.