Mark Zuckerberg’s Mobile World Congress 2015 Speech

Mark Zuckerberg’s Mobile World Congress 2015 Speech
March 3, 2015 admin

Mark Zuckerberg’s Mobile World Congress 2015 Speech

Yesterday, the 2nd of February marked the beginning of the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. The congress always starts with talks and presentations from key people in the mobile industry, and this year the headline key note speaker was Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Both Facebook and Instagram.


Mark gave a charming talk to the hundreds of people who managed to fit in to the presentation hall during the busy event.

His main point of discussion was the advancements of internet availability in the underdeveloped nations, such as those in Africa and South America. He praised the company which is financially backed by Mr. Zuckerberg. He talked of his plans to provide people in emerging markets and nations free access to certain internet applications, one of them being Facebook.

This Idea has already been put into action in Paraguay and Zambia. Citizens of both countries have free access to use Facebook and a limited number of other internet smartphone apps. The hope is that by offering free internet for the “bare essentials” of internet use it will encourage people to purchase additional data plans, which rewards the data carriers.

It is quite a bold move to suggest free mobile data for certain apps available to the public, so you can bet Mark was very charming and thoughtful, almost sucking up towards the mobile carrier CEO’s in the room.

“Growing The Internet Is Expensive Work” Mark Zuckerberg announced to the room of eager listeners, and he said that the only way to get this done properly and quickly is by helping the mobile phone carriers to grow with the internet. In recent months there has been some tension between the Facebook CEO and mobile carriers of some western countries, who have been claiming that Google, Facebook and other online companies are taking advantage of the carrier’s mobile networks.

You can see a full breakdown of Mark Zuckerberg’s Mobile World Congress presentation here.