Instagram is Getting Influenced by Twitter…

Instagram is Getting Influenced by Twitter…
November 3, 2015 admin
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And Snapchat too! Instagram is evolving more and more each day. This past year it’s had more updates than ever. Well, maybe not in quantity, but in quality is definitely changed a lot! The most recent update has introduced a feature that’s very typical of other social networks like Twitter or Snapchat, and we think it’s a great idea!

insatgram insta4likes Picture taken from Insta4likes’ official Instagram account.

We’re talking about live stories. Snapchat was the first to use a feature like this. Basically, it’s a way of reaching specific content of a specific event that’s going on. For example, if you went on Instagram this past weekend (AKA Halloween), you would have seen a message on the top part of the screen saying something about Halloween videos. If you clicked on it, it would take you to the top videos done for Halloween. It’s a great way to make Instagram much more immersive!

So if there’s another big event, let’s say Christmas, then the same will happen but with that other event. You’ll be able to access Christmas content from people all around the world without having to manually look for it (which isn’t an easy task on Instagram). This is also a good opportunity for businesses on Instagram for sponsorships around specific events. It’s just great on so many levels!

If you haven’t updates your Instagram yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Protection Status for