Getting More Likes on Instagram

Getting More Likes on Instagram
November 2, 2015 admin
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We’re back with more tips on how to get more people attracted to your Instagram account! These are mainly about photo editing or how to take the best pictures for this social network. Sometimes we make mistakes but don’t realize it until someone points them out at us!

instagram food Food pictures are one of the most popular types of pictures on Instagram.

First of all, try avoiding the use of a filter at 100%. That is, whenever you put a filter on a picture, make it a little bit less intense so it doesn’t look so artificial and over-edited. Sometimes, you don’t even need a filter for your picture. Editing it with tools like sharpening, highlighting and so on are just what it needs.

Also, one of the types of pictures that gets lots of likes are selfies. However, we’ve got to be very careful with these. Lots of people love editing and rediting their selfies, but you have to bear in mind that those that are way too edited don’t look natural at all (even if you think you did a great job after adding filters and so on for about 15 minutes). Try to make selfies as natural as possible, with natural-looking edits!

Now, last but not least: food pictures. We all love to take pictures of those lovely plates they bring us, but most of us do it wrong. Firstly, take your picture aiming straight down at the food from about 3 feet away. Also, another thing that makes food pictures amazing is natural lighting. So it’s easier to take pictures of your breakfast or lunch sine, you know, there’s actually light outside! Protection Status for