Mobile World Congress 2015 Starts Today

Mobile World Congress 2015 Starts Today
March 2, 2015 admin
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Mobile World Congress 2015

February 2nd to 5th. These are the dates that the biggest mobile meet up in the world is being held, in Barcelona, Spain. The Mobile world Congress is the most prestigious mobile event in the world each year and it will be attracting thousands of people from around the world.

Over the 3 days there will be many key talks from major mobile companies such as google, and there will be presentations from big CEO’s such as the fantastic Mark Zuckerberg, owner of both Instagram and Facebook. Mark is this year’s head speaker, and we are eagerly hearing what he has to say, there will likely be big news related to Instagram. Don’t worry, we will cover everything he says during his speech in tomorrow’s daily blog post.

As well as hearing presentations from the most influential man in the world, Mr Zuckerberg, there are also several other attractions at this year’s Mobile world congress, and these include:

Innovation City: Innovation city is now a regular at the Mobile World Congress. It is a fully immersive mobile experience for visitors of the event, here you can try out and watch presentations on the upcoming year’s new mobile devices from Vodafone, AT&T and many more brands.

App Planet: For the people who are into the app side of mobile technology, here you can meet and talk to innovators, app developers, and speakers who are focussed on bringing more innovation to the app industry. There are over 200 different exhibit at App Planet this year.

The highlight of the event, as I mentioned earlier is going to be the presentation made by Facebook and Instagram CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. If you are not able to attend the Mobile World Congress 2015 but would love to hear what Mark has got to say, you can head over to MobileWorldLive  to watch the speech and presentation live as it unfolds.

We will also be covering Zuckerberg’s presentation on this blog, so come back tomorrow to hear what he had to say! 🙂

You can also follow the Congress with the hashtag #MWC15 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Protection Status for