Kim Kardashian Reaches Instagram Milestone

Kim Kardashian Reaches Instagram Milestone
February 27, 2015 admin
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The beautiful Kim Kardashian has been Instagrams most followed person for several months now, and yesterday, on the 26th of February Her famous account reached a new milestone for both her and Instagram history; 27,000,000 (million) followers.

Kim  was anticipating the milestone and prepared a picture, and when the 17th million person followed, she published this photo:


• The quote that came with this image was “27 mil!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love you all!!!!”

What better way for Kim to thank her fans then by posting a snap of what made her famous in the first place, her but. It seems fitting. Of course there has been a snapback by angry people around the world for Kim to expose herself in that manner on a “family account”.

Since Kim joined Instagram, she has posted a total of 2,460 photos to her profile, followed 111 people, and acquired that staggering 27 million follower count.

Another celebrity also reached a big Instagram milestone this week: Kendall Jenner. The 19 year old, and half sister of Kim, hit 20 million followers recently, but the spotlight was quickly stolen after Kims news broke out. Tough luck Kendall, maybe at 21 million you’ll reach the spotlight.

This isn’t the only reason Kim has had to celebrate this either though; the Kardashian family have just signed a new contract with the TV channel “E!” which guarantees at least another 4 seasons of keeping up with the Kardashians.