Instagram For Marketing Update

Instagram For Marketing Update
March 1, 2015 admin
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Any good marketer in 2015 is aware of the potential Instagram has for their marketing campaigns. It is a great opportunity that should not be ignored. Instagram currently has well over 300 million active users, and 49% of those people use Instagram every single day! that is a lot of potential reach! 

When it comes to follower engagement, Instagram tops every other social media site. The average follower engagement is 4.21% , which is actually 58 times more than Facebook, and 120 times more than Twitter so it’s no wonder marketers are flocking to Instagram these days.

A recent survey has shown that 42% of marketers are planning to use Instagram heavily during 2015. With 3rd party tracking services for Instagram now on the market, Instagram is a marketers dream. They now have the ability to analyse every aspect of an Instagram account, and even track mentions of a certain or keyword as it gets mentioned by other people means there is more stability which is what marketers are always looking for.

In terms of brand activity, Facebook is still the leader with the most active brands post’s last year. But Instagram is not too far behind, last year there were 493,000 posts by brands, which is a 49% growth from the year before. And remember that Instagram advertising is only available to a select few brands right now, so when they release it to the public this year you can bet there will be a massive surge in marketers Instagram activity and and the end of the year may even result in Brand posts growing to over 100% more than 2014.

Tips for new Instagram Marketers

If you are a marketer looking to get into Instagram marketing, good choice, marketers need to go where the people are. When you first launch your account, your brand is going to become popular overnight ( well, unless you buy our Real Instagram followers, likes and comments) So you need to develop a scheduled routine for constantly posting and interacting with other users.

Always post as a brand, although it is good to have a personal approach, make sure that your followers see you as a brand and not an individual. And the most important step of Successful instagram marketing is to make full use of the hashtag feature. This doesn’t mean bashing in as many hashtags as possible for each post, but thinking and creating 3 or 4 relevant hashtags for each post.