Rocco versus Madonna: Round 2

Rocco versus Madonna: Round 2
January 4, 2016 admin
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Last week we talked about how Madonna is fighting for her 15-year-old son’s custody against her ex-husband Guy Ritchie. Rocco didn’t seem to be to eager to go back with his mom, but the judge said he had to go spend Christmas with his mother before making an official decision about who he wanted to live with.

madonna lourdes Picture uploaded by Madonna of her and her daughter Lourdes.

And that’s exactly what Madonna son did: he went back to New York to spend his vacations with her and the rest of the family. The thing is we recently found out something that we’re pretty sure will be getting to Madonna… her teenage son blocked her from Instagram and made his account private, so his mother cannot access his content. He claims this is due to the fact that he has sometimes felt “embarrased” by some of his mother’s posts and prefers to keep her away in that sense.

We’re not sure this is just a teenage thing he’s going through, although we sure hope it is. However, as a response to this, Madonna uploaded a picture of her with her daughter Lourdes with a caption that read: Double trouble, coming at you 2016. Wonder what that means! Either way, we sure hope this doesn’t end up badly. It’s sad to see a family, especially such a well-known one, fall apart. Maybe in a few years time Rocco will stop being so distant with his mother. Only time will tell.