The Creepiest Instagram Accounts

The Creepiest Instagram Accounts
January 5, 2016 admin

The Creepiest Instagram Accounts. We usually recommend people funny, cute or stylish Instagram to follow and to lighten up their timeline. However, today we wanted to bring you something a little bit different. We wanted to show you some creepy and strange accounts out there, that are definitely something you don’t see frequently.
instagram fx Picture taken from Kyle Huculak’s Instagram account.
The first one is Kyle Huculak‘s account. He’s a makeup artist as well as an FX designer, so you can more or less start to imagine what we’re dealing with here. His account is filled with pictures of gruesome masks, creatures and so on. It’s actually pretty well done and it’s worth checking out.

The second one is called Moth Meister. He’s apparently a taxidermy collector and he uploads all sort of curious yet creepy pictures with different outfits, masks, etc. But in all that creepiness, you’ve got great pictures that actually draw your attention, even if you’re not a big fan of this kind of content.

Now, last but not least, we’ve got quite the scariest one. This one is called Jahgore, and the name pretty much sums it all up: gore. It’s not extreme gore of course, since that goes against Instagram’s rules. But it’s definitely some content you’d want to see if you’re faint of heart. Protection Status for