Jay-Z’s Quick Visit to Instagram

Jay-Z’s Quick Visit to Instagram
September 1, 2015 admin
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Famous singer Beyoncé Knowles was the most followed user on Instagram until this past month, when Kim Kardashian took her spot. However, her husband and famous rapper Jay-Z never even had an account. On August 29th he opened an account, though, and uploaded only one pic. And for a cool reason!

beyonce jayz Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

In case you don’t know what the 29th of August is, it’s the king of pop’s birthday: Michael Jackson’s. So he uploaded a picture of himself and M.J. at a Hot 97 Summer Jam several years ago to pay tribute to him. He also said it might be his first and last post on Instagram. And that was pretty much true, because some hours later he deleted his account.

Jay-Z isn’t too much of a social media fan. In fact, in spite of having a lot of followers on Twitter, for example, he has barely tweeted at all. Although his new Instagram account only lasted a few hours, he had managed to get over 100,000 followers in that short period of time, and the one and only pictures received thousands of likes and comments. But he can’t help it, he’s just not into social media. So we won’t be seeing much of Jay-Z on the Internet, even though he got our hopes up with this!

Either way, we’re pretty sure Michael Jackson would feel honored to have Jay-Z make an Instagram account just for him. It’s quite amazing.