Top Pictures of 2015

Top Pictures of 2015
August 31, 2015 admin
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This year has been by far Instagram‘s best in terms of activity and growing users. Each day there’s more and more content out there so it’s very hard to find things. But we really enjoy finding lovely and interesting Instagram account for you to check out and/or follow. Today we’re going to be recommending a few, all from Australia. But be careful, you might end up looking at the great pictures for hours.

The first one we really want to recommend is Emilie Ristevski. This Australian photographer takes the most amazing pictures we’ve seen on Instagram in a while. Thanks to all the fame she’s achieved throughout the years, she has managed to make enough money to keep travelling around the globe to visit new places and share them with us.

instagram australia beach Picture taken from Lena Hepehi’s Instagram account (@streetsofaustralia).


The next one is Lena Hepehi, another Australian photographer. In her account you’ll find the prettiest pictures of Australian beaches (especially Queensland). It’s pretty hard to look through her Instagram and not envy her!

We can’t leave out Stephen Waller‘s Instagram account because it’s just too good. It’s all mainly Australian landscapes, and they’re just breathtaking. Beautiful forests, lovely skies of any color you can imagine, cities and a long etc. It’s a great way to see different parts of this country without having to actually go there (though we’d all probably love to).

And last, but not least, we’ve got Kieran Tunbrigde. The pictures on this account are mainly of the ocean, but he manages to make them all lovely. Simple, but perfect.