New Features Added To Instagram App

New Features Added To Instagram App
April 7, 2015 admin
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Today, April 7th,  Instagram has added a few new photo editing features to their android app, and the same will be coming to the ios app soon. The 2 new features are called “color” and “fade”.

Color allows you to adjust the tones on the shadows and highlights of your photos, which lets you add different casts on moody effects.

Fade allows you to wash out the colors altogether, if you wish, which will give you a muted effect regardless of low-fi prints, with varying intensity.instagram new features april 7th

These new updates are adding to Instagram’s goal of letting us do more with our photos then just add and swap filters, providing more options to attract photo professionals and enthusiasts alike. Of course the readymade, off the shelf filters are still available for those who don’t have time to play around with the new settings, or for those who just don’t care.

Instagram is also adding another new feature, called Post notifications, and they are as they sound; notifications on your device for when someone your following makes a new post. This feature will be welcomed by many people who want to be alerted when a friend or special person makes a new post, ensuring that we will never miss out on the pictures we want to see.  The notification feature is being released around the same time as the new Apple watch. Is this a coincidence? Who knows! What is for sure though is that you will now be able to be alerted of a new photo and be able to check it on your wrist instantly without even having to take your phone out of your pocket, welcome to the future, we hope you enjoy your stay.

Instagram is continuously expanding, and continuously adding more awesome features, and is set to be the social media platform of 2015!