Imitating Famous Instagram Pictures

Imitating Famous Instagram Pictures
April 25, 2016 admin
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Instagram celebrities love taking pictures of themselves doing the most awkward things: kissing their couples while doing a headstand, licking a knife, doing casual things in abnormal poses… Basically, things that look very nice in their pictures but if someone normal were to do it, they’d look like a total freak.

celeste barber ruby rose instagram Celeste imitating a picture of Ruby Rose.

The thing is someone actually decided to take imitation pictures of these, and her name is Celeste Barber. This Australian comedian decided to take selfies from celebrity Instagrams and copy them as much as she could. It’s her way of criticizing all these so-called “natural” pictures of every day lives of celebrities, when in reality they’re just fake posed pictures.

When you see the difference, the contrast, you can tell pretty clearly that in most cases, the pictures aren’t natural at all. Whether it’s supposed to be them being “funny”, excercizing, etc. Barber claims that people are extremely obsessed with the lives of famous people, and that’s basically what motivated her to start uploading these things to Instagram. She really didn’t expect getting famous, but people instantly loved her work.

If you want a dose of reality on your Instagram feed, just follow her! You won’t regret it and you’ll have a few laughs for sure.