Modern Fashion on Instagram

Modern Fashion on Instagram
April 4, 2017 admin
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Many people from the fashion industry complain about fashion nowadays and the impact Instagram has had on that sector. Some people see it as a positive influence while others see it as quite the opposite. Before, taking pictures for fashion magazines, for example, required a lot of time, materials and money. You would send a photographer with a model and lots of clothings somewhere to do photoshoots for days or weeks, and then choose a small amount of all those pictures to publish. However, that’s not exactly what most people do nowadays.

dulceida instagram Spanish fashion blogger and influencer Dulceida.

Thanks to Instagram models, influencers, and the online fashion world in general, many more pictures are uploaded on a daily basis. There’s much more fashion “spam” or traffic, and basically anyone can be an influencer or a fashion blogger if they set their minds to it.

What many people complain about is that it seems as if nowadays taking professional high quality pictures isn’t valued anymore. An influencer that uploads a selfie in her bathroom with a dress from a certain brand can actually make more money from that picture than a specialized model that uploaded a picture taken from a session with a professional photographer. Many people defend this because thanks to these “normal” pictures models and influences take, people can actually imagine themselves much better with those products. However, the really “professional” pictures might be more pleasing to the eye, but people are more aware that that’s not as close to reality as the others.

It’s quite an interesting debate, and we can see why there are two defending sides to this! Have you ever thought about this?