Get an Appointment Through Instagram

Get an Appointment Through Instagram
March 31, 2017 admin
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Instagram never ceases to amaze us with their new big updates. They recently added one of the biggest features on the app: Instagram stories, more or less “copying” the Snapchat idea. But now they’re onto something quite different, something that will compete with other companies like Yelp or OpenTable.

instagram Example of what the new feature would look like on the app, taken from Dailymail.

Instagram is working on a new big updae that will allow users to book appointments through the app. There are over a million advertising accounts on Instagram as of today, and they want all these companies to be able to provide more their customers or potential customers. Currently you can create a business-related account through which people can contact you as a business, you can work with ads that link you to your page, etc.

But this new update would be revolutionary. People will be able to got to your company’s profile, click on Book and select dates, times, what they want to book, etc. That is was more than getting clicks, visits, likes or comments. It’s direct interaction with your company, it’s being able to basically purchase the service from the profile itself.

They’ve also commented that maybe in a slightly further future, Instagram will add a new feature for companies or businesses like a review section. That could be really useful as well! Let’s just hope they don’t take too long to add this one. As far as we know, the wait should only be a couple of months!