Anne Hathaway Regrets Posting Picture on IG

Anne Hathaway Regrets Posting Picture on IG
April 6, 2017 admin
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Anne Hathaway has always been very serious about keeping her private life very private. In fact, if you think about, there are rarely any gossip news related to her or anyone close to her, so she does a pretty good job!

anne hathaway jonathan Anne Hathaway‘s son, Jonathan.

When she was pregnant over a year ago, very close to giving birth, she uploaded a picture on her Instagram account to share the world with the news. However, she was sort of “pushed” to do this because that day at the beach, a paparazzi was taking pictures of her without her consent. So in order to burst his bubble and ruin his scoop, she gave the news first. Nice going!

A few days ago she uploaded a picture of year one year-old Jonathan looking at his mother give a speech on a laptop. The picture is from behind and  you can’t see his face at all, but not too long after posting the picture, she said she regretted doing so. We can assume she just couldn’t help herself at that moment, parents are usually always very proud of their kids and want to show them off. However, although she regretted it, she didn’t take it down, and that’s probably because you can’t see his face and, therefore, recognize him. But maybe we won’t be seeing more pictures of him in the near future.