Instagram’s open Source Library Helping Devs Create Apple Iwatch Apps

Instagram’s open Source Library Helping Devs Create Apple Iwatch Apps
April 8, 2015 admin
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Instagram, owned by Facebook recently launched a coding to library on GitHub that will make it a hell of a lot easier for app developers to code apps for the apple watch.

Instagram said that their new library, named IGInterfaceDataTable, will make configuring multi-dimensional data and configuring tables so much easier. As an example, an app developer may want to organize a collection of watch-app actions with a sophisticated but easy to use menu. The open source library made by Instagram aims to make this whole process easy!apple watch app

For creators of complicated and large apps for the iwatch, this is going to be a very valuable resource indeed.

Instagram engineer, Ryan Nystrom told that “We’re really excited to be one of the first apps on the platform, and were able to build some solutions that we think will help other people build their apps more quickly and easily”.

If you wish to install the library, you can with Cocoapods, which is a management tool for coding projects based on Objective-C and Swift, on Github.

Instagram encourages dev’s to not only looks at and utilize your library, but to also contribute to the open source code and fix errors. Remember that Instagram is owned by Facebook and they have said that contributing to an error fix will lead to receiving a reward through Facebooks Bug Bounty Program!