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  • Some easy ways of finding people that teach you how to find your neighbors on Instagram


    Find your neighbors on Instagram. With the purpose of social networking or marketing on Instagram to create closer engagement you want to stay in touch, it is only standard that you want to keep a tab on people you feel interested in interacting with.  Hence, besides acquiring followers on Instagram, it is equally vital for Instagram users to follow others, and you would be interested to know how to find your neighbor’s Instagram. Knowing the features of Instagram will help you find people on Instagram beyond those you know and in whom you take an interest.  Searching by using the location feature of Instagram is one way of searching for people, including your neighbor. By reading this article, you get more insights into the ways of finding people.

    How to find your neighbors Instagram

    Some easy ways of finding people that teach you how to find your neighbors Instagram

    Some easy ways of finding people that teach you how to find your neighbors Instagram

    To find people you are interested in, including your friends, acquaintances, brands, and celebrities, you can use the ‘Search’ option of Instagram. However, you must input usernames or keywords manually to get accurate results. To start the process of searching, tap on the Magnifying glass icon on the main page of your Instagram account, and the Search option becomes visible on the top above the icon. Here you will find different searching options like ‘people,’ ‘places,’ and ‘tags.’ enter the user name of the person you are looking for or the exact user name to initiate the search.

    To search for official accounts of brands and celebrities, enter the name of celebrities and brands with a blue tick mark next to it. To use tags for searching, people choose the tag category, which could be something of your interest like ‘Gadgets,’ that will populate posts tagged in that category.  In this way, you can locate posts and topics that are interesting to you.

    Suggested users

    In this method, instead of you initiating the search on your own, you can depend on Instagram’s suggestions about users who share similar interests like you.  The process starts in the same way as you did earlier by tapping on the Magnifying glass icon, and in the next step, tap on the ‘Discover People’ tab located under the search bar. It will then generate a list of suggested users and a ‘Follow’ button beside each and pictures below.  If you find anyone of your interest, tap on the ‘Follow’ button.

    Look for your Facebook friends on Instagram

    To widen the search scope, when you are trying to find people on Instagram, you should link your Instagram account to your Facebook account. It will then automatically show your Facebook friends on Instagram. When you log in with your Facebook account, the option of connecting with your Instagram account is available by default. Else, you must permit Facebook to connect to your Instagram account.

    The process of finding your friend or other people begin by tapping on the ‘Profile’ icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.  On opening the ‘Profile’ icon, go to the top right-hand corner of the screen and tap on the three dots placed vertically one below another that will lead you to the ‘Settings.’ Here, you will find the option ‘Your Facebook Friends’ or ‘Find your Facebook friends.’  When prompted, tap on it.  You will now see a list of your Facebook friends with a ‘Follow’ button against each.

    Find people by popular posts

    In the main search area of Instagram, most of the popular posts show up. These posts have likes and comments but are not related to you. The posts could be anything and not filtered according to your interest. Hence, you will see photos and videos that could relate to anything, but you might find some reason to follow some of the authors behind the posts as these are popular.

    To find popular posts, tap on the ‘Magnifying glass’ icon, and the popular posts will appear on the next page. By scrolling down, you can see more popular posts and tap on them to preview any of these. You can go through the posts to evaluate them or look at the comments and try to understand their quality. If you want to follow any of these, then tap on the ‘Follow’ button.

    Find people by using hashtags

    The best way to find the choicest posts of your interest is to use hashtags. Hashtags consist of keywords that can use to search for content comprising of photos that generate your interest. Since using hashtags is the norm for posting pictures and videos on Instagram, it is easy to find content with hashtags.

    Your content search will lead you to the people behind it with whom you can connect. The process begins by tapping on the ‘Magnifying glass’ icon, followed by tapping on the ‘Search’ icon at the top.  Next, tap on the ‘Tags’ option to filter your search by entering the keyword. When searching for people using hashtags, first decide on the category to which the content belongs, like ‘Technology,’ ‘Gadgets’ etc.  If you choose technology, it will populate all the related tags and the photos associated with it.

    Use a third-party website.

    The process of searching for people on Instagram manually allows you to find people you feel interested in. However, you can look beyond Instagram for some tools that can help in your search.  These third-party websites help you find people based on several factors.

    Use the location field

    If you are looking for some people near you that can include your neighbors on Instagram, you can use the ‘Location’ field on Instagram to find out photos and images that you find interesting. When you click on the ‘Location’ button, it generates a dynamic list of pictures tagged with the respective location. It will help you connect to people of these locations, which you can select from the list. This process has some limitations as you must depend on the users’ location, which might not always be accurate or even may be deceptive.

    Lastly, you can use third-party search tools to find people on Instagram.



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    Your Foodporn Could Get You into Trouble


    You haven’t misread any word, that’s right. Unlike in almost every place in the world, where you can take a picture of what’s on your dish if you will, there is a place where taking a photograph of your meal may end up with you behind bars. You may think it’s a faraway place, where many restrictions are applicable – yet it’s in one of Europe’s most advanced places.


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    4 Ways To Get Instagram Followers


    Without a doubt, Instagram is the most popular of all Social media networks, most of all in the beauty industry as visual content is king here. Most people in the developed world do already have an Instagram account, whether it be for personal use, promoting our businesses, or whatever. Be honest now, would you like a large following on your Instagram account? Of course you would! 🙂

    So, how does one go about acquiring more followers on Instagram? Read the following 4 tips to find out. (4 more tips will also be published on tomorrow’s blog post) (more…)

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    4 Motivational Instagram Accounts


    4 Motivational Instagram Accounts. Looking at how well others do is a great way to give us our own motivation to succeed. Instagram has become a haven of motivational people and images, that we can follow, take advice and inspire to be.

    Listed below are 4 great motivational Instagram users for you to check out


    This girl has the best of both worlds, she is incredibly fit and slender, while also getting to enjoy any food she wants without consequence (everyone’s dream). No she does not have some type of superpower, well, except motivation, but that can be learned.

    If you follow fitgirlfuel you will be seeing lots of motivational snaps of her in the gym, her progress, and also the many delicious homemade alternative healthy foods she makes herself each day. It is the perfect exercise and dieting motivation account in one!


    Are you one of those people that despises the gym, but still wants to get healthy? Then we think Yoga_Girl is the account for you to find some motivation. The account is managed by Rachel Brathen, a yoga instructor who travels all around the world taking snaps of different yoga poses in different places.

    If you have any questions about yoga practices, Rachel will gladly assist you where she can. Her pictures will make you wonder why you don’t just throw it all in and travel the world, while also giving you the inspiration to become fit and flexible through the ancient art of yoga.


    This is actually a double account, managed by 2 normal girls who love working out and eating healthy. They are trying to motivate others to do the same. Their Photos range from deliciously healthy snacks to motivational quotes as well as interesting and intriguing facts about healthy food.

    They also do shout outs for other motivational accounts and users who are making their own healthy transformations, so we can watch them transform too.


    Follow ashruns as she trains in beautiful locations and surroundings for 100 mile races. Yes I know 100-mile races sounds shocking, and they are. While this level of extreme fitness is not suitable for everyone, it will at least give us motivation to pump out a few miles of running next time we go out?

  • A guide To Advertisements on Instagram


    A guide To Advertisements on Instagram

    Last fall, Instagram rolled out their new Advertising model.  They released it on a small scale to generate some testing results and user feedback, and today the advertisement feature isn’t running on a full scale, but it will be soon. It currently isn’t accessible to all advertisers, only a certain few as of yet, but you can bet that shortly when the feature is fully released Instagram advertising is going to be a BIG thing. Why? Because Instagram is used by 300 million mobile users a month. Nowhere else can you access such an audience of mobile users.

    A guide To Advertisements on Instagram

    Levi’s sponsored is an Instagram Advertisement

    Have you started seeing Ads on your Instagram feed yet? If so, here is a brief Guide and Tutorial for dealing with the ads that may appear on your feed:

    What Determines Which Ads Get Served To Me?

    Instagram uses advanced, smart methods for delivering the right ads to the right people. They will take information from your Instagram and Facebook accounts (Facebook own Instagram) . Information such as your likes: The brands, pages, photos, etc that you have liked. They will also take into consideration your age, sex and interests.

    They will use all of this information to determine which ads you see. This is great for both the advertiser and the user because The user will likely see an ad that interests them, while the advertiser would be getting his ad seen by a highly targeted user. The ads here will be a lot more subtle here than other places online due to the advanced targeting and filtering features that are in place.

    What Companies Are Currently Running Ads?

    The advertising feature is still new, in a beta mode preparing for full release so currently there are only a few brands that you will notice ads from, and these are: Paypal, Starwood, Michael Kors, Burberry, Ben & Jerry’s and Adidas. More advertisers will surely be partnering any time soon.

    What To Do If You Don’t Like An Ad?

    As a user, if you come across an ad that you don’t like for whatever reason, you are not forced to see it multiple times if you don’t want too. If you notice an ad that you’d rather not see again while using Instagram, press the “…” icon below the ad and choose to hide it, you can also submit feedback to Instagram and the advertiser and tell them what you didn’t like about it.

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    Why Having Followers On Instagram Is Important


    Instagram is dedicated to sharing images with the world, everything from quotes to your last holiday, and much more! Instagram is also a very useful platform for businesses or influential people who are trying to reach new audiences or build a brand. You can directly advertise whatever you want through your Instagram posts, but getting them seen by the right people isn’t as easy as just that.

    There are 2 ways of getting people to see your images.

    1: Hashtags

    Apply relevant hashtags to each post, and it can let it be seen by people who are searching or browsing through that hashtag. It works, but doesn’t get the views and as many eyes as you need, so we have to use the 2nd way more… and the second way is..

    2: Followers

    Followers will be the lifeblood of your Instagram campaigns. When you post a new photo, your followers are the ones who are going to see it on their feed and interact with it. So Compiling a follower base is an essential part of using Instagram, whether you are a business, or  an individual.

    So you may be wondering, how exactly do I get followers? Well the easiest way is simply to buy them . By buying them you can bypass countless weeks or months that it takes to gather followers the natural way. Buying Instagram followers is beneficial for both new accounts and old, established accounts. But it will have the best effect on a relatively new, low follower count profile.

    You see, when you are starting out on Instagram with no followers, you have got quite a hurdle to jump. Because, why would people follow and visit your photos when no one is following you? It is a catch 22 situation, a vicious circle. No followers screams “Bad account” , regardless of it it just launched 5 minutes ago.

    Buying Instagram followers for your new account will boost your profile out of that nasty situation and give you immediate trust, credibility, and real followers to interact with your content.. People will see that you must be good, because why else would people be following you, and when that happens it won’t be long until you have thousands of new followers every day 🙂


  • Best and Worst Instagram filters


    Best and Worst Instagram filters

    Instagram is a photo-based social network in which you can upload all the pictures you take. However, it’s not just famous for being a webpage where you can upload your pictures. It’s also very well-known for all the filters you can use on the pictures you take.

    Best and Worst Instagram filters

    Best and Worst Instagram filters

    They’re all very unique in their own way. Some people like certain filters while others like different ones. However, there are a few specific ones that are basically the most used and the least used. That is, the most favorite and the ugliest and less flattering one. Lots of polls have been done on different websites to loads of Instagram users to see what filters were the ones they usually used most. The results clearly show that one of the least used filters is Kelvin; it clearly doesn’t look good on any kind of picture. It apparently makes selfies look horrible and landscapes seem fake. However, one of the most popular filters seems to be Earlybird, especially when it comes to taking pictures of yourself or other people. It makes everyone seem a bit more attractive. Sierra was also highly voted as a great filter for pictures of landscapes and still life, but not for pictures of people!

    Of course, results may vary depending on the poll, but the filters mentioned above were the most voted. So if you’re new to Instagram and don’t know what filters to try out, now you know about a few of them! However, whether we like a filter or not is really our own personal opinion, so you’ll only really know you like one or not once you try it out on your own pictures. What are you waiting for? Download the app if you don’t have it yet, take pictures and try every filter on them!

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    Tricks to get the best food pictures on Instagram


    Are you crazy about gastronomy? Do you love to get behind a stove and show your creations to the world after they are done? Instagram has become a platform where every kind of picture has a place and food pictures are among the most successful ones, especially now that gastronomy is on trend because of the cooking programs that clutter television programming nowadays.