Tricks to get the best food pictures on Instagram

Tricks to get the best food pictures on Instagram
January 9, 2014 admin
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Are you crazy about gastronomy? Do you love to get behind a stove and show your creations to the world after they are done? Instagram has become a platform where every kind of picture has a place and food pictures are among the most successful ones, especially now that gastronomy is on trend because of the cooking programs that clutter television programming nowadays.

With these advices, the food pictures we will upload on Instagram will be the envy of the best chefs of the world.

Trucos para conseguir las mejores fotos de comida en Instagram

Pick your courses

A lot of people upload pictures of that dish that didn’t come out as he/she expected, just because that person wasted a lot of time trying to make it right. You don’t need to upload everything you cook, but it’s good for you to show that cake you made that looks absolutely delicious, that recipe you learnt from your grandmother o that experimental course you invented yourself that looks so good. If you want to get a lot of followers on Instagram, the best thing you can do is to buy real Instagram likes, but you shouldn’t overload your followers uploading too many pictures of questionable or low quality.

Be careful with the filters

Instagram’s filters can be very useful, but they can also change the product’s appearance for the worse. The gastronomy related pictures should be as “pure” as possible, because, otherwise, your course can seem unreal to the viewers. Even worse, if you use the wrong filter, the picture could give the impression that ingredients you used to make that food were bad (this usually happens when you use green, yellow or brown filters, for example).

People shouldn’t appear in this kind of pictures

We know it’s tempting to appear near our creation. But you want your picture to be a genuine food picture, not a picture of us near to a food plate that the viewers have problems to see, nor a picture in which our hand is more visible than the food itself. Usually, in the picture shouldn’t appear anything that could divert the viewer’s attention from the food we want to show to the world.

Technical aspects

We may not be professional photographers or not knowing much about this art, but everybody knows when a picture is a good one. You have to look for the best context for your picture, frame your creation correctly, avoid blurry or moved pictures and try to avoid the overuse of your flash looking for places with a good light, among other things. Ultimately, your goal is for your picture to be as tempting as your food is.

Take your own pictures

The goal is for you to share your own creations in the same moment you have cooked them. Try to avoid repeating picture of plates you had made long ago and, most of all, don’t present as yours courses you haven’t made yourself and that belong to other people. Most of times, it’s very easy for others to know if a course is really yours or not.

With these 5 tricks and your abilities as a cook, I’m sure you will become soon the most famous chef on Instagram.