The most of you already know about Instagram and, in fact, a lot of us are already part of the 100 millions of users that visit this well-known social network every month. The Facebook’s application is so famous that a lot of users buy likes on Instagram, but today we are going to talk about a previous period of its history, in particular, about Instagram’s beginnings.

One of the creators of the most successful social networks of the moment, Mike Krieger, has given an interview to the magazine The Verge in which he talks about how the idea of Instagram was born and which were the first steps their creators took to put it in motion, that is, which were Instagram’s origins.

Instagram’s origins, according to one of its creators

According to Krieger, Instagram’s idea was born while he was studying human’s interaction with computers. While he was studying, he met Kevin Systrom, with whom he designed a pictures’ application in which the users would have the leading role. Just like that, Instagram’s concept as social network was born.

Once this idea was born, one of the first steps they took was to design the interface, the visual aspect of the page. According to Krieger, they just needed four hours to do this and the page’s sketch was done using a pencil and paper. According to Krieger, four hours could seem a lot of time for a simple sketch, but this is a step that can take weeks to complete, because it is perfected on a trial and error basis.

Krieger says and recognizes that the filters, one of the main reasons of Instagram’s success, were created and designed by his partner Kevin Systrom, but he defends that he was the one who wrote the code lines. According to his own words, during the first weeks of Instagram’s project, he wrote code lines like a madman, taking advantage from the ideas left by his partner Systrom, who was on a holiday trip at México. “I’ve been working non-stop for two years. I’m going to México. Maybe I can use this free time to think about the filters”. These were Systrom’s words.

Like a good student of the relationship between men and computers, Krieger, a great fan of Prince of Persia, he was always interested in the way the users interacted with his application. According to his own words, the principal condition was that the application had to be fast and functional. In other words, his goal was to adapt as many functional ideas as possible to the flat design or simplified design, a tendency of which Instagram is one of the greatest exponents.

That’s the story of the beginnings of one of the most successful social networks, an application that is changing and evolving constantly and that gets more and more users every day.

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