Instagram is a photo-based social network in which you can upload all the pictures you take. However, it’s not just famous for being a webpage where you can upload your pictures. It’s also very well-known for all the filters you can use on the pictures you take.

They’re all very unique in their own way. Some people like certain filters while others like different ones. However, there are a few specific ones that are basically the most used and the least used. That is, the most favorite and the ugliest and less flattering one. Lots of polls have been done on different websites to loads of Instagram users to see what filters were the ones they usually used most. The results clearly show that one of the least used filters is Kelvin; it clearly doesn’t look good on any kind of picture. It apparently makes selfies look horrible and landscapes seem fake. However, one of the most popular filters seems to be Earlybird, especially when it comes to taking pictures of yourself or other people. It makes everyone seem a bit more attractive. Sierra was also highly voted as a great filter for pictures of landscapes and still life, but not for pictures of people!

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Of course, results may vary depending on the poll, but the filters mentioned above were the most voted. So if you’re new to Instagram and don’t know what filters to try out, now you know about a few of them! However, whether we like a filter or not is really our own personal opinion, so you’ll only really know you like one or not once you try it out on your own pictures. What are you waiting for? Download the app if you don’t have it yet, take pictures and try every filter on them!

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