On Instagram, Reality Is Key

On Instagram, Reality Is Key
December 2, 2013 admin
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One of the most interesting thing about Instagram, as with most social networks, is that honesty and authenticity, being real, is key. Despite the fact that you are communicating over screens, wires and the air, electronic communications are far more intimate than face to face ones. As such, since we don’t have the full gamut of senses that we use when we communicate face to face, there is a tendency to exaggerate, or fake, or attempt to be someone you aren’t.

On Instagram, Reality Is KeyThis never works – because of the intimacy of the communication, people can usually spot a fake a mile away. If you do a quick search on most social networks, the people who are the most real – the most authentic – are the ones with the most followers. For example, if you run a business, people aren’t solely interested in seeing your product and sales. The focus is on the person, not the business, so open up a bit. Don’t just keep posting things about your business.

Post pictures of the sunrise on your run that morning. Post a picture of your latte if they made a funny mistake writing your name. Post pictures of your staff. People don’t want to follow an inhuman corporation, no matter the size. They want to follow the human or humans behind it.

So don’t be so formal, so business like. Be more human, and watch your follower numbers grow.

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