5 tips on Instagram for companies

5 tips on Instagram for companies
November 27, 2013 admin
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Instagram is a social network who has almost 200 millions of users and in which people upload more than a million of different pictures every day. It is growing so fast that a lot of companies have realized that this platform it’s a great opportunity to promote themselves…But not everything works on Instagram.  If you want to be successful on Instagram, you have to follow some basic rules:

Your brand image. 

It’s very important that the pictures of your company that you are going to upload on Instagram reflect perfectly the image you want to give of your brand. When we talk about a brand image, we aren’t just referring to the topic or the field your company is specialized in, but to the “tone” set by the pictures too. What do we want to transmit? Reliability, freshness, fun… You can even evoke extreme feelings, too. These are some images of your brand you may want to boost through your pictures.

Show the hidden side.

One of the best ways to create a brand image and to connect with the users is to show in our pictures things of our company that our clients don’t usually see. For example, pictures in which our users can see how is the process our company follow to offer our product or service o in which we show our employees. This helps the user to know these hidden sides of our company and to feel connected with us and our products.

Quality pictures.

People usually forgive the users if they upload pictures that don’t have a high quality, but if you represent a company… It doesn´t matter if you buy 70 Instagram likes if your pictures don’t have a high quality.

Promote your followers.

If you promote the good pictures that your followers upload, you not only reinforce your brand image, but you will create a much closer connection with your users. They will have to be “high quality” followers and the pictures we will promote have to be good and reflect our brand image in some way.


Don’t give the impression of being someone unattainable. Social networks help companies, media, and users to forge closer relationships. Try to interact with them on regular basis and give feedback to your followers to get two-way communication as fluent as possible. Comment their pictures, answer the comments they do to the pictures you upload, “like” their contributions, etc.

These are very simple tips but, as always, they are easier said than done. The key to achieve our goals is to have patience and persist.

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