How Instagram Pictures Can Be Deceiving

How Instagram Pictures Can Be Deceiving
September 24, 2016 admin

How Instagram Pictures Can Be Deceiving. As of today, people still seem to have trouble understanding that a body can seem very different from one picture to another. Pose, angle, light. Everything matters, and even the slightest detail can change a whole picture. That’s why when we see people’s Instagram accounts, we tend to think that they have perfect bodies, when they might not even be that different from yours or someone else’s.

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Pictures Jen uploaded onto her Instagram account.

Jen Widerstrom decided to take the pictures and put them together and upload them to her account in order to show the world how a picture can change the way a body looks. So the first picture is of her sitting down, taken from a low angle, so it seems as if she had a flaccid belly. Then, the picture next to it is her standing up and posing normally, where you can see a worked out body. The pictures were taken minutes apart, and they actually look like before and after photos.

Jen is a personal trainer, a professional fitness guru, so she knows what a tone’s body looks like. However, she’s aware that many people out there are worried about what their bodies look like when they sit down or are in any other position. And she wants people to realize that skin is not stiff, it moves. So, if you sit down, and you get a small belly, it’s totally natural because it’s what skin does. You can fight against the nature of the human body. Protection Status for