Primary App Review – Instagram Enhancer

Primary App Review – Instagram Enhancer
March 25, 2015 admin

Instagram is an awesome platform on its own, there is no denying that, but there is also no denying that the user interface and options can be somewhat lacking a bit. If you want to enhance your Instagram using experience there are a variety of apps available that will do that for you, today whoever we are focussing on the one app, called Primary, available from the apple Store for $1.99.

Light Theme

Primary was initially released in 2013, and costs a fair $1.99. It is an Instagram enhancing app that makes your Exploring, searching and interacting on the platform a lot smoother, and a lot more visually impressive, while throwing in a ton of new functions for your Instagram Viewing Pleasures, features that once you have them, you will never want to go without again.

The Design

The design is definitely one of the key features of this great little app. The Plain Instagram visual layout of the vanilla background can get boring quickly for some, that is why Primary offers different themes, in light and dark categories, they are also customizable to some extent so creating a personal, unique theme is possible. (See photos below for difference between light and dark themes) The app is very simple to navigate through and is easy, and quick to understand.

Dark Theme


Filters- Not the photo editing filters, but the choosing what type of posts you see filters. You may be in a situation where you added someone you didn’t want to and are sick of seeing their posts, but you don’t want to delete them, you can add their posts to a filter so you will no longer have to see their posts. You can also apply filters by hashtag, for example if you decided to filter #Selfies, you would no longer see any posts containing #Selfie.

Lists – The lists function gives you the ability to create “mini feeds” for your Instagram account. Each list you create will have a collection of hashtags, for example your “Relaxing” list might include the hashtags #Nature #calm #art #travel etc… And so whenever you click on that list you will see a customized feed seeing posts only containing those hashtags, this is a very powerful feature indeed.

Accounts – The last noteworthy feature of the Primary app is that you are able to switch between multiple accounts at the tap of a finger. You will first initially need to login to all of your accounts once, and after that they will all be saved and you can do quick 1 tap logins from there on out!.

Remember, primary is available from the app store and is available on iPhone & iPad, get it now!