Lots of parents have found the social media accounts of their kids, whether on purpose or by mistake. And sometimes, you’re not happy with what you come across. Today we’re bringing you the case of a dad who found his daughter’s Facebook and Instagram, where she would upload selfies every once in a while that he wasn’t very fond of.

instagram chris

A picture of the dad making fun of his daughter’s selfie.

The man is called Chris Martin, and he has a young teenage daughter. When he found her social media accounts, he wasn’t very happy at the type of “sexy” selfies his young daughter was uploading. But instead of getting mad and grounding her like most parents do, he decided to take it to another level: he takes one of her selfies and tries to make a selfie of himself imitating it. The results are hilarious! And I’m sure his daughter wouldn’t be too happy about it, either.

This man’s Instagram started becoming more famous when he started uploading these pictures, but he was already pretty well-known before since he’s a comedian. So we can say he was born with some humorous talent. He’s gained  lots of fans with all this and we definitely recommend checking out his hilarious pictures on his account.