Since social networks arrived at our lives a bunch of years ago, some specific kinds of photographs have become and remained popular. The most prominent example of this trend are selfies, which are now the preferred form of picturing the world for a lot of people. Yet there are others who prefer to get to their feet, letting those things at the end of their legs become the stars of summer. Here we’ll give you some advice in case you want to show your feet to the world.

Taking care of your feet it's not difficult at all – and the work pays off Taking care of your feet it’s not difficult at all – and the work pays off

Feet become more popular in summer for two very simple reasons: we wear lighter, open shoes (sandals, flip-flops) and we walk barefoot much more time than in winter. However, since they are not protected, they can become chapped, get patches of hard skin, get nails broken… They must be caressed and taken care of every day. You can trust beauty centers for that, that’s the best choice, but you may have wonderful feet if you take care of them at home.

Here are some tips you could follow if you want to have the most beautiful feet of Instagram. Start by cleaning your nails (in case you use any kind of products on them, such as nail polish) with a cotton disk, then soak them in warm water and add some drops of any essential oil. Once this is done, you may exfoliate them softly – especially the roughest areas, such as the heels – and cut and file your toenails. If you like your feet perfect, you could file your heels and hard skin once a week with a nail file.

Now comes the enjoyable part. You can finish with a massage and then let them rest. If you follow these pieces of advice, you’ll have the most beautiful feet on Instagram. Protection Status for