Lenin Lives Again on Instagram

Lenin Lives Again on Instagram
August 11, 2015 admin
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Vladimir Lenin ruled the USSR for two years before dying in 1924. His corpse is preserved at Moscow’s Red Square, but that didn’t seem to be enough for the Russian Communist Youth, which has encouraged people to take photos with the statues depicting the communist leader all along the country – Instagram’s getting redder.

It has been taken as a Russian communist response towards the attitude of neighboring nations, such as Ukraine, which tore down more than 600 Lenin statues in one year, in what some Russians call an “anti-Leninist jihad.” In order to spread awareness about the statues and the necessity to take care of them, social networks in Russia have started offering prizes such as tablets and e-books with Lenin’s complete works on them, to the best photograph with one of the monuments.

#LeninLives, says communist community on Instagram. The tag has nearly 200 pictures associated so far. Risen fists, red flags and flowers are present in the pics, but also symbols of today’s world, such as duckfaces and, most importantly, selfies. Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the Communist Party of Russia, has said to be happy with the initiative, which arose from the youngest party members. “I’m sure that comrade Vladimir Ilyich would be grateful.”

Love for the Russian leader has led to pictures as curious as this one Love for the Russian leader has led to pictures as curious as this one

If you know some Russian you can also look for hashtags in that language, which in fact host more photographs than the ones in English. #СелфисЛениным (literally “selfies with Lenin”) has more than 300 pictures associated. Its English equivalent, #SelfieWithLenin only shows 44 pictures so far, but it is a way to show how initiatives can spread throughout the whole world thanks to social media.

Now we can only wait to see who will get the prizes. The judges will have to work hard if people get hyped and take pics with the six thousand Lenin statues in Russia.