The Rich Dogs Of Instagram

The Rich Dogs Of Instagram
March 9, 2015 admin
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The Rich Dogs Of Instagram. You may be aware of the “rich kids of Instagram”. The blog that shows a collection of the world’s richest teenagers. Living their lavish lifestyles full of private yachts, champagne and Rolexes…

To compete with, and kind of make fun of them, there is a new account called the “Rich Dogs of Instagram” which is aimed as a parody account of the Rich Kids. Rich people can submit their pics of their dog being extravagantly, pampered, lying in pools of money, sunbathing on private yachts, you name it and these puppies have already done it.



Kaylin Pound is the woman behind this great idea for an Instagram campaign. Since launching the account a few weeks ago, they have already acquired almost 15 thousand followers in that time!

Kaylin said she came up with the idea for the account when she was tasked with the job of creating a story about the Romanian Instagrammers who were making fun of the ‘Rich kids of instagram’. She decided to recreate a bunch of the rich kids photos.


Her job of writing that article got her wondering about if anyone has come up with the idea of creating a parody account for dogs. To her surprise nobody had thought of it before her. So she quickly signed up the account as “The Rich Dogs Of Instagram”


When Pound first started her new Instagram account. She posted photos that she had gathered from around Instagram, but as her account became popular. In no time people starting submitting their own photos of their pampered pooches for her to post. Today, the account only posts photos that have been submitted directly to them.

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