New Looks for Instagram

New Looks for Instagram
June 11, 2015 admin
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Instagram is available for most cell phones, accessible through apps, but it can always be browsed using a web browsing software. There, one must identify with an account in order to follow people and see all the pics they upload, like them and share them, re-blogging them ourselves. If these weren’t enough advantages, the site has now experienced a complete renovation.

The photos, which used to be small and surrounded by a grey background, are now in the foreground, bigger and surrounded by a pristine white. Pics are shown bigger, not only on thumbnails but when you click on them to see them fully. Moreover, the pics you see on your timeline are bigger too.

If you want to know how many likes and comments a pic has been given, you won’t have to click on it to see the big version of the pic anymore. Placing your mouse over the photo will make the number of likes and comments appear on it.

When you click on a pic it will appear on a window over the main Instagram screen. You will be able to go back and forth, as you used to be, and you can also find new features such as a box in the bottom left corner which will let you see more features.

How pics look like on the new version How pics look like on the new version

Sadly, no new features have been included in this update, so it’s just a change in looks. We are looking forward to see what surprise Instagram has for us. If they have done this only to the aesthetics, they will sure have more astonishing surprises for the site’s features.

If you want to see the new version, you just have to go on It is a nice change and we hope that it leads to further changes in the future.