Ads to Become Better on Instagram

Ads to Become Better on Instagram
June 15, 2015 admin
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Having included advertising more than a year ago (though not all around the world), Instagram has talked about it on the Business blog. What have they learnt from this?

They have learned that advertising is changing, and that you have to change in order to reach people They have worked to create ads that seem well integrated into the platform while having a deeper impact and even telling a story. They have given people the option to experiment advertising more deeply, learning more only about what they like, through links.

Nearly five hundred online campaigns have made Instagram developers experts on advertising. They have learned that it’s better to let businesses – no matter they are global, national or local – buy ads on Instagram. They aim to different objectives (increasing sales, increasing visits to company sites, creating awareness that companies exist) and are thinking of letting you buy or sign in directly into the companies’ pages, directly moving from Instagram to your purchase.

They have also learned how to target buyers showing them things that they know they already like. In other words, employing selective advertising. Advertiser would be able to show people ads for the kind of things they like, which would result in benefit for both consumers and advertisers. They would like to find a way to reach people basing themselves on things different from the age, the place they are posting from or their gender.

Finally, Instagram makes also clear that they want to promote businesses of any size, so that local stores, restaurants or car-washing services can also reach local customers. They will also allow Facebook and Instagram ads to get together, so that one site can learn from the other.

To sum up, all will be advantages for users. Imagine a totally personalized ad system which shows you what you want. Isn’t that good or what?