Dan Bilzerian is one of the most famous men on Instagram. He leads quite the Playboy life, plus has huge amounts of money due to his career and poker games. He gained all his followers out of admiration of his lifestyle, everyone seems to want to be rich and surrounded by gorgeous-looking women. However, one of his most recent pictures got a lot of hate recently, and for a good reason.

dan bilzerian instagram Dan Bilzerian and his friend sitting on an endangered tortoise.

A few days ago he uploaded a snapshot of his and one of his friends with a 100 year-old Galapagos giant tortoise, and endangered species. The issue with this picture is that his friend was sitting on top of the tortoise, so you can imagine the kind of comments that started pouring in. Everyone was shocked at the fact that he let her sit on it. Who would even think about sitting on such an old and special animal unless you didn’t have respect for it?

We can honestly imagine how people felt and why they all felt the urge to comment on the picture as they did. However, Bilzerian isn’t 100% responible for this, although it was quite a mistake to upload this picture. If we go through his account we can find some other posts that really promote and support the preservation of wildlife and endangered species. In a caption of another one of his pictures, he gives a shoutout to Richard Branson mentioning how he was able to purchase a private island and turn it into an endangered animal sanctuary! So let’s not get too carried away, he might not be as bad as everyone seems ot be thinking lately.